Mermaid Star Books Has Officially Launched. Specialties: Spiritual Titles & Hypnosis CDs

Mermaid Star Books has launched and will specialize in spiritual and metaphysical titles, including hypnosis CDs for self improvement.


Chico, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/04/2013 -- Memories of Me, authored by Alanna Fox Starks, is the true accounts of a woman's discovery of several past lives, is due out in January 2013. Treasures from Sleep, a book about Dream Analysis is scheduled to be released March 2013.

I have decided to open up my own print-on-demand publishing house! This Friday, December 21, 2012 will be the official launch of Mermaid Star Books, LLC with our first title to appear sometime in January.

After spending years being told that my metaphysical approach to problem solving is not "an exact fit" for various publishing houses, I decided that I will just start my own, taking a nod from Louise L. Hay.

Memories of Me (written by yours truly) is our first title to be released. It is a collection of short but true stories written as chapters and contain direct memories that I have had about several past lives that I recalled. This started with an experimental phase I was going through when I was 18 years old in which I tried to remember my past lives. I stumbled on a simple yet profound way to recall past lives without hypnosis or going to a psychic who "tells" you what you "were", (which I always thought was a bit sketchy as it seems that even real psychics usually read you as you are now, not your soul and all its journeys).

Memories of Me will include many self-help sections written as separate chapters on my technique that I share with you as well as clues to how exactly you relate to the people around you. For example, sometimes you will meet someone and instantly hate them or instantly love them and not know why. This can sometimes be explained through the concept of reincarnation: you were together before, good, bad or indifferent. It is my hope that these ideas have not been heard before and that they will be of tremendous help to you as you continue your journey here on Earth.

The stories are detailed and extensive and there are some surprises that will amaze you, perhaps. This has been what's going on!

Keep in touch and make sure to sign up for my mailing list at Mermaid Star Books to see when our newest titles will be released. We also will include Hypnosis CDs and I will be taking suggestions, so feel free to let me know what you'd like to see or what areas of your life you'd like to work on (comment below!). I should be getting some quality studio time in very soon. These will be professionally mastered Hypnosis CD's. Not recorded in my basement next to Grandpa's snoring! ha ha

Anticipated sometime in March will also be the long anticipated by several, Treasures From Sleep: How to Analyze your Night Dreams, Assess your Day Dreams and How to Make ALL Your Dreams Come True. This was written by myself and my husband, Terril Starks, C.Ht. and will be published posthumously (for him).

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CEO Alanna Fox Starks, Ch.t., D.D., has launched her own publishing company, Mermaid Star Books, LLC.