Joe Bragg Releases Free Trial of SMS Software That Allows Texts from Any Computer


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/18/2013 -- Today, texting seems to be the preferred method of communication between two people. Texts are short, personal, and to-the-point. Unfortunately, many businesses have yet to capitalize on this trend.

That’s a problem that has solved for major companies all over the world. recently released an SMS messenger software program that aims to make it as easy as possible for businesses to interact with customers and clients over texts. At, visitors can learn all about the SMS software, including its unique 100% uptime guarantee as well as its free trial.

A spokesperson for explained how the free software trial works:

“We’ve designed our free software trial to be as convenient as possible for prospective customers. At the homepage of, visitors will see a form at the right hand side of the page that simply asks for a name, company, email address, and phone number. Within two minutes of submitting that form, applicants can have access to the free trial of Message Media and begin sending text messages straight away.”

The free trial is available for business, government, and NPO use only. At the website, visitors will find a selection of some of the major companies that use Message Media’s SMS software to interact with customers, including Coca-Cola, YMCA, HP, Dell, UCLA, and Miller-Coors, among others. Visitors can read reviews from many of these major clients at the website’s ‘Testimonials’ page.

Some business owners may not understand how SMS functionality could help their business. These businesses can get ideas from the website. As the company’s spokesperson explains, SMS software and the ability to text from a computer has virtually limitless potential:

“Every business chooses to use SMS software in different ways. After setting up our software to send and receive SMS through an email client or the web browser, businesses can communicate directly with clients in a fraction of the time it would take to send texts over a mobile phone. Multiple employees can also access the SMS platform at the same time, making it easy for a company to share information among employees. The overall impact is a growth in company revenue and better business opportunities.”

The goal of Message Media’s SMS software is to make sending and receiving text messages as easy as possible. The software can be installed on any computer and integrates with the user’s web browser or email client, making it easy to manage all texts and emails from a single platform. The software also features developer-friendly APIs which allow users to freely customize the software.

About is an online SMS service. The company released an SMS software program that allows businesses to send, receive, and manage SMS messaging through their email client or web browser. For more information, please visit: