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Metal Coated Microspheres Market Poised to Garner Maximum Revenues by 2024


Albany, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/29/2018 -- Metal coated microspheres have emerged as superconductive materials having wide applications in the electronics industry. Recent advances in nanotechnology and developments in composite materials have led to a various applications of microspheres coated with various metals such as aluminum, silver, nickel, cobalt, and gold. Furthermore, the increasing demand for specialized composite materials will provide impetus to the Metal Coated Microspheres Market, particularly in developing nations.

The composition endows microspheres characteristic low particle density and large surface area thus propelling their demand in various composite applications. The markedly high conductivity of the coating metals and the light weight of the base materials make them especially useful in shielding circuits from electromagnetic interference (EMI).

The report studies the key market drivers and restraints, technological advancements, competitive landscape, and lucrative opportunities for the market players in major regions. The research analysis makes an assessment of the key factors that affect their demand across various end-use industries. The analysis takes a closer look at the recent R&D activities. The strategically motivated insights help stakeholders get a granular understanding of the market dynamics.

Metal coated microspheres having a diameter typically in the range of 1 ?m -1 mm consist of hollow or solid base microspheres as base materials made up of glass, ceramic, or, polymers and coated with conducting metals. This offers super-structural properties, making them apt for varied applications including as catalysts, laser fusion targets, aerospace materials, and as plastic filler.

The global metal coated microspheres market is primarily driven by increasing applications in electronics industry. Microspheres are used as paints and coatings in the electronics industry, and have diverse applications in composites. Continuous developments in infrastructure coupled with the demand for energy-efficient composite materials in emerging regions have propelled the metal coated microspheres market. Furthermore, metal coated microspheres with retro-reflective properties are finding acceptance as substitutes for LEDs and LCDs in outdoor billboards as they help save energy.

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However, high cost incurred in coating metals on the microspheres, combined with significant price fluctuation of some coating metals are likely to hinder the growth of the market. Nevertheless, advances in composite engineering and extensive researches in metamaterials are expected to expand the applications of metal coated microspheres.

Currently, the global market for microspheres is dominated by North America followed by Europe.

The impressive growth of the market in North America, especially the U.S., is driven by substantial investments in R&D by leading companies and a large number of manufacturers setting up their bases in North America.

However, a spate of demand for conducting microspheres in electronics industry has tilted the scales in favor of Asia Pacific. In the next few years, developing markets in Asia Pacific, such as China and Indonesia, are expected to witness significant demand for metal coated microspheres for various applications in advanced electronics. In addition, rapid pace of industrialization and advancement in composite engineering have stimulated the demand for energy-efficient construction materials. This will result in new applications for metal coated microspheres propelling the regional market along the forecast period.

Key manufacturers are experimenting with varied compositions to launch metal coated microspheres with unique properties. Advances in nano-engineering have opened exciting opportunities for the manufacturers in medical devices industry to capitalize on. Prominent players operating in the metal coated microspheres market include Momentive Performance Materials Inc., Mo Sci Corp, Potters Industries LLC, Cospheric LLC, and 3M.

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