Protective Technologies International Offers New Metal Detector to Stop Employee Theft


Park City, UT -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/16/2012 -- Protective Technologies International or PTI offers the new and latest XVS 10mi, a metal detector system, to prevent possible employee theft in one’s business, manufacturer, and other establishment especially jewelry manufacturers and gold miners.

XVS 10mi system is sensitive and capable of detecting small pieces of jewelry. This works effectively on jewelry manufacturers and gold mines. This is the world’s most advanced metal detector system available.

XVS 10mi has 360 degrees detection and is sensitive to catch even the smallest jewelry or computer chip. The system also has an advanced report keeping software which makes everything effortless. XVS 10mi provides numerous advantages which address to the possible collision between security personnel and employees.

Protective Technologies International (PTI) aims to offer the most comprehensive and advanced metal detection systems. The company also offers depth, loss prevention needs, and specialized consulting to help businesses manage their security necessities. PTI not just aims to build a long lasting bond between their clients, but also they offer the system to give them ease and free them from worries that can be daunting sometimes. The company is not like other companies that don’t provide support after their clients have purchased the system. PTI serves with whole dedication and provides effective solutions.

PTI is known for great customer support. XVS 10mi metal detection system is available for free trial demo. Business owners and manufacturers may contact PTI for the free demo. It has some protective features like determining the exact location of the detected metal in one’s body and prevents theft because employees know how it functions.

Protective Technologies International (PTI) has been manufacturing the world’s most sensitive metal detection systems for almost 30 years. Its state of the art technology is being utilized by today’s refining, leading mining, and jewelry companies to prevent loss and help them when doing precious metal inventory. PTI’s walkthrough metal detector systems are unparalleled in effectiveness and efficiency. In the innovative world of technology, Protective Technologies International has maintained its position as the leader for maximum sensitivity in the metal industry. Contact PTI for best possible solution.

For more information about the new metal detector that will stop employee theft of Protective Technologies International (PTI), kindly visit and contact the company through the given contact numbers on the website.