J&S Machine, Inc.

Rising Commodity Prices Spur Growth for WI's J&S Machine

Leading Machinery Company Supports Demand for Bending Equipment


Ellsworth, WI -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/14/2012 -- J&S Machine, a Wisconsin-based distributor of metal fabrication equipment, expects to experience significant growth in the coming months following positive trends in commodity prices. As commodity prices rise, businesses that rely on metal fabrication equipment -- from aerospace engineering firms to commercial construction companies -- see a higher demand for their services. J&S Machine leads the industry in machine service, upgrades and product distribution to support metal fabrication across all industries.

Joe Seibel, President of J&S Machine, commented, “Our customers span many industries and need assistance with a range of projects, all of which see growth as commodities prices surge. Our selection of products, particularly our pipe benders and tube benders, fulfill a range of manufacturing needs.” He explained that pipe benders come in a wide array of sizes and functions. “J&S Machine doesn’t just distribute products; we also provide training and ongoing service and support.”

J&S works closely with machinery suppliers and fabrication job shops throughout the U.S. to create a network of knowledge’s sharing and enhanced capabilities.

About J&S Machine
J&S Machine was founded in 1998 and has become a leader in metal fabrication industry, offering customers high quality production machines that deliver years of return on investment operation. J&S Machine sells a range of metal fabrication equipment that includes quality manufacturers, primarily in roll and rotary tube bending. J&S Machine offers complete installations and training sessions on all products, tooling setups, bending trouble shooting, tooling design and more. For more information, visit: www.jsmachine.com.