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Horsham St Faith, Norwich -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/05/2016 -- If we want to create a marketing presence which is both creative and engages viewers in our business, professional web design and web development is a must. Being one of the dominant companies in the web services arena with significant professional experience, Metalfrog has skilled and experienced web designers and developers able to create an exclusive and attractive website which will boost not only the brand identity, but also its morality, principles as well as its social presence. Web development has to ensure that both the viewer and the search engine are engaged.

A website is a place where a person directly interacts with your business, possibly for the first time. Its not just an arbitrary design but it is a delicate blend of creativity and interactivity carried out by professionals, describing the business and its activities, and ensuring either contact or sales. Metalfrog covers each and every aspect necessary to enable the creation of a perfect website. Our websites are built to the highest of worldwide standards, and they engage viewer and search engine in equal measure.. We also offer professional website hosting, with servers configured hourly to run at optimum speed, and therefore to ensure fast loading web pages. Our servers are in the top 10% in the world for speed - a search engine impact factor.

At Metalfrog, we not only look at the experience for the viewer, but also the website administrator. The user interface is always at the top of our thought processes because if you cannot manage your content easily it is likely you will not make the most of the site. Interactive design is more important on the website to engage users. We create websites for viewers, not clients. We understand the requirements from a technical perspective, take anecdotal information from you, our client, and pep this up with interactive elements - keeping one eye on your competition, and how their sites are built.

About Metalfrog
Metalfrog has been in business since 2007. Starting as a sole trading company, founded by Chris Wheeler, we became a limited company in 2009. Since our foundation we have delivered hundreds of websites, digital marketing and SEO strategies, and creative pieces aimed at engaging your target audience. We employ joined up thinking to ensure that all elements are true, and that we have the maximum impact to our work. Our MD has been online since 1996. He has been involved in the design and development of over 3500 websites since then. He started working on Internet marketing the year before Google was founded, in 1997. He has managed social media accounts since 2002, and had a THE Facebook account prior to Facebook coming to the UK in 2005.

If you are looking for some fresh thinking, creativity, commercial acumen, and no little common sense, perhaps you should contact our customer services department in Norwich and see how we might be able to offer you services, consultancy or training.