Metallic Capital Providing Free Website Page for Small Business Clients


Chicago, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/30/2018 -- Recent publications urge businesses to place priority on web presence. Small business often dismisses the importance of websites and opt for surface marketing not fully conceding that in the very near future "voice search" will command consumers' decision. As an active provider of capital funding for small business and start-ups, the team of dedicated specialists at is excited to assist small business helping them ignite their company brand through a web page.

"Over the past year, we've had more clients ask about website services when taking out a loan/funding. We thought, let's present an extra hand and have our site designers build some website pages. Someone jokingly said we should design the pages for free, I thought, why not?" notes Rachel Eskridge, owner of Metallic Capital. "We can render funding for your needs, but we can also serve you with a distinctive, and compelling web presence, that's essential in assuring your business grows."

According to a recent small business presentation, business size should not ascertain whether you have a website, Digital Marketing, Sam Collins noted that "business, no matter the size, must have a website,", noting websites provide even the smallest business an opportunity to appear competitive with larger companies.

No matter if your business is lawns or weddings, a website can catapult business. works vigorously to get small business owners the money they need to maintain, grow, and start a business, but that's all part of the Metallic Capital way. That's why for a limited time, Metallic Capital is accommodating any client who takes a new loan of any amount uniquely designed website page for their business, at no cost.

About Metallic Capital
Metallic Capital is a leading provider of small business capital funding/loans, setting business growth and sustainability at the forefront. Small business owners experience services that set them on a course to expand, compete in innovative marketing, take on new contracts, get the best rates on merchant servicing. There are no application fees for funding or website/marketing services.

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