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Metallic Elephant Offers KSF Hot Foil Machines Designed to Create Innovative Prints


Colchester, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/31/2022 -- Metallic Elephant, a market leader in hot foil dies in the UK, offers KSF hot foil machines that are designed to create innovative prints. Their well-engineered and heavy-duty machines are unlike any other and make a lasting impression on the viewers of the pressing, with a concentration on quality over quantity. The easy-to-use machines take up very little space and can handle a wide range of products including paper, leather, plastic, wood, and other materials. They provide devices that can be used to personalise ordinary products.

Their machines are user-friendly and constructed to last, with built-in safety features and detailed instructions on how to operate them. Their policy of constant research and development has kept their machines at the forefront of technological advancement in label finishing. Their machines are made of solid steel to offer a variety of flexible alternatives for printing aces, as well as the ability to fine-tune and adjust the parameters to get excellent results. Businesses looking to buy KSF hot foil machines can check out Metallic Elephant's website for more information.

A representative from the company stated, "Named after Metallic Elephant's co- founder Karl French, the KSF range is designed and manufactured here in the UK in our modern equipped engineering facilities in Essex. We're proud to be British manufactures, and of our three new, and highly popular models we've brought to the market so far. We don't rest on our laurels though, we continue to design and innovate further models to add to our range. We have always had the desire to manufacture our own range of Metallic Elephant hot foil machines."
Metallic Elephant is one of the most well-renowned providers of hot foil dies and hot foil machines. The company has a team of expert professionals who strive hard to help their customers find the perfect products that fulfil their needs. The organisation has carved a massive reputation for providing top-quality products at highly competitive prices. In addition to KSF hot foil machines, the organisation also provides brass dies, letterpress, hot stamping foils, KSF mini machines, magnesium hot foil dies, reconditioned machines, and more.

About Metallic Elephant
Metallic Elephant is a family-owned business in the UK that provides both hot foil dies and hot foil machines for businesses. The company's heritage is derived from a world of craftsmanship, engineering and a passion for traditional skills that yield high-quality products. The organisation has assembled a team of dedicated, skilled craftsmen and engineers at their factory, where engineering tradition meets state-of-the-art innovation. Their founders have over 20 years of experience ensuring the highest standards of quality and service in everything they do.

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