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Metallic Elephant Offers Letterpress Printing Plates with Superior Long-Run Capabilities


Colchester, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/22/2023 -- Metallic Elephant, a well-renowned dies provider, offers letterpress printing plates with superior long-run capabilities. The plates can be etched or engraved with the desired image or text and then inked and pressed onto paper or other materials to produce a printed image. Known for their unique, tactile quality, the plates are used for high-end printing projects such as wedding invitations, business cards, and other speciality items. The polymer plates allow for the precise reproduction of detailed designs and text, making letterpress printing a popular choice for designers and printers who value quality and craftsmanship.

The plates can be etched or engraved with the desired image or text and then inked and pressed onto paper or other materials to produce a printed image. The plates can be reused often, making them cost-effective and versatile printing options for creating tactile and visually appealing prints. They combine traditional methods with modern computer technology to create images and ensure every plate is individually made and hand finished to fit your requirements. Businesses looking to buy customised letterpress printing plates can check out Metallic Elephant's website for more information.

A representative from the company stated, "We produce in-house 0.95mm foil-backed polymer plates. The foil element is the thin backing that holds the exposed polymer in place. Our polymer plates are transparent to allow easy registration and are Torelief which is more efficient on press due to their superior long-run capabilities. Our polymer plates are compatible with most letterpress machines. Although polymer, our letterpress plates are hard enough to emboss or deboss with and can hold the finest details."

Metallic Elephant is one of the most sought-after suppliers of hot foil dies, and hot foil die machines in the UK. The company has carved out a niche by providing high-quality products at competitive prices. The organisation has a team of expert professionals who strive to help their customers find the perfect products that fulfil their needs. In addition to letterpress printing plates, the organisation also provides brass dies, letterpress, hot stamping foils, KSF machines, KSF mini machines, reconditioned machines, pneumatic machines and many more.

About Metallic Elephant
Metallic Elephant is a family-owned business in the UK that provides both hot foil dies and hot foil machines for businesses. The company's heritage is derived from a world of craftsmanship, engineering and a passion for traditional skills that yield high-quality products. The organisation has assembled a team of dedicated, skilled craftsmen and engineers at their factory, where engineering tradition meets state-of-the-art innovation. Their founders have over 20 years of experience ensuring the highest standards of quality and service in everything they do.

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