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Metallic Elephant Provides Magnesium Hot Foil Dies to Assist in the Creation of Extraordinary Designs


Essex, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/23/2021 -- Metallic Elephant, a market leader in hot foil dies in the UK, provides magnesium hot foil dies to help you create amazing designs. Dies come in a variety of gauge sizes to meet a variety of needs, and they also match the type of height set by foiling/printing machines. Magnesium blocks are suggested for short-run operations because they provide better value than brass or copper foiling dies. Their magnesium dies are made with state-of-the-art gear and chemical etching processors, and they are constantly quality verified before being shipped.

Combining traditional methods with modern computer technologies, they create images in metal and work to achieve very specific requirements. Each plate they create is individually made and hand finished to each customer's requirements. Their process of die is very much an art, as the bath must be continuously balanced and the knowledgeable craftsmen are vigilant that they are taking the steps necessary to produce a consistent die every time. Individuals or businesses looking to buy magnesium dies for use can check out Metallic Elephant's website for more information.

Metallic Elephant is a pioneering leader in providing hot foil dies in the UK. The company is driven to provide innovative, cost effective, cast die solutions for people and businesses around the world. In addition to magnesium hot foil dies, the organisation also provides brass dies, letterpress, hot stamping foils, KSF machines, KSF mini machines, reconditioned machines, pneumatic machines and more.

Talking about their magnesium dies, one of the representatives from the company stated, "At Metallic Elephant, we produce magnesium blocks for embossing, debossing and hot foil printing in all the popular gauges. These are manufactured in our modern and purpose-built etching plant, with a fleet of machines waiting to bring your designs to life. Our magnesium dies are also highly economical and just the ticket, whether for runs of 40,000 or one-off jobs such as for luxury packaging or wedding invitations."

About Metallic Elephant
Metallic Elephant is a family-owned business in the UK that provides both hot foil dies as well as hot foil machines for businesses. The company's heritage is derived from a world of craftsmanship, engineering and a passion for traditional skills that yield high-quality products. The organisation has assembled a team of dedicated, skilled craftsmen and engineers at their factory where engineering tradition meets state-of-the-art innovation. Their founders have over 20 years of experience in the field ensuring the highest standards of quality and service in everything they do.

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