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Metaverse Market to Garner 39.8% CAGR by 2030 with Meta and Microsoft Emerging as Key Players – GlobalData Plc


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/05/2022 -- The Metaverse Market Size, Share, Trends, Analysis, and Forecasts by Vertical, Component Stack, Region, and Segment 2022-2030 Report is recently added to the report store by GlobalData Plc. The report predicts the market to witness an accelerating growth momentum at a CAGR of 39.8% during 2022-2030. The study anticipates metaverse to have the potential of becoming the next mega-theme in digital media. Metaverse is expected to encompass over nine critical technologies including networking equipment and cloud infrastructure, data governance and security, blockchain and cryptocurrencies/NFTs, AI/ML, AdTech, Gaming, Enterprise applications, AR and VR, and payment platforms.

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Metaverse Market Players

The metaverse market is gradually becoming fragmented due to the rising presence of emerging players giving competition to the already existing established market participants. The last two years, since the start of the COVID pandemic in early 2020, have seen many mergers and acquisitions (M&A) spurred by the widespread move to remote work. The report covers M&A deals involving Metaverse companies.

For instance, In January 2022, NFT Investments specializing in the market for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) announced the acquisition of Pluto Digital Assets, a crypto technology, and venture company. Apart from this, there have been several developments in the metaverse industry. Some of them are covered as –

- In September 22, Alibaba worked alongside luxury brands and Vogue China to host an AR fashion show. Shoppers with an exclusive "Meta Pass" had priority digital access to view products from brands from Burberry to Max Mara.
- In May 2022, Google acquired Raxium, a micro-LED displays provider for AR headsets, indicating its focus on AR for the metaverse.
- In May 2022, Epic Games partnered with WPP to train advertising specialists on creating custom brand experiences in Fortnite and using Unreal Engine for developing metaverse content.
- In Jan 2022, Meta partnered with Pure Storage to expedite and expand the development of the metaverse, Meta's next major computing platform.

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Metaverse Value Chain Highlights
The metaverse value chain is split into four layers –
- Foundation: This layer comprises technologies necessary for computation, motion tracking, low-latency networks, data management systems, and decentralized infrastructure.
- Tools: It allows platform developers and app developers to combine 3D engines, AI, visualization, and payments tools to create experiences and revenue models.
- User interface: This layer provides the hardware devices that enable users to enter the metaverse. Though VR headsets can offer fully immersive experiences, smartphones, personal computers (PCs), and consoles will be the initial user interface for many consumers.
- Experience: In the final layer, users can virtually experience activities such as enterprise collaboration, gaming, social media, eCommerce, live events, and much more.

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Metaverse Market Segmentation Outlook

By Vertical
- Retail
- Media & Entertainment
- Education
- Aerospace and Defense
- Manufacturing
- Others

By Component Stack
- Hardware
- Software
- Services

By Geography
- North America
- Europe
- Asia Pacific
- South & Central America
- Middle East & Africa

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