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Liben, Czech Republic -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/11/2015 --, the official website of the Prague Metro has just recently updated their site with the revelation of what lies ahead for the Prague Metro. Talks of a new line 'D' have been discussed on papers and has confirmed that the project will commence from 2017. According to the website, "Following the completed extension to Line C, plans are in place to build a completely new line - Line D (Blue), which would connect the city centre to the Southern parts of Prague, namely the Nuslse quarter down to the suburban neighborhoods of Krc, Libus, and Pisnice."

It was also revealed that the new Line 'D' will feature automated or driverless trains. Sources say that the Councillors of Prague has planned to complete the first part of this ambitious project by 2022.

The Czech News Agency has recently reported, "The original proposal of the Line 'D' passed by the former leadership at Prague City Hall counted on a bill of some 30 billion crowns. That has now been changed, although it is clear the costs will still run in the tens of billions of crowns, the choice for an automated subway system on line D was an apparent move to save money later on down the line."

As per the information provided by, the plan to build this new metro line has been divided into two stages. During the first stage, plans are to connect the Panfrac station in Line C and Depo Pisnice which is embraced by 8 stations and will be exceeded by 10 kilometers away. On the other hand, the second phase will cover two stations including station Square of Peace.

In recent months, there has been some opposition to the Line D project. A few Democrats responded to this project as non financeable and rather advised the authorities' to start with more modest goals. For more details go to

About is the official website of the Prague Metro system. Besides providing general information of the Prague Metro, the site also offers travelers' guide to timetable, tickets, fares, and so on.

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