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MEV Spares Carries a Cavalcade of Classic Car Parts


TIcehurst, East Sussex -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/23/2012 -- There’s nothing quite like owning a classic car. Whether for the design or performance, cars like the Jaguar E-Type and Triumph TR-2 are classics for a reason. The only downside to owning and maintaining these cars is that spare parts can be hard to source and thus difficult to replace, often taking outwardly pristine models off the road. MEV Spares has the largest collection of spare parts for classic cars in the UK, and aims to soundly solve this problem for the enthusiastic classic motorist.

While well-known brands like Jaguar, Triumph, Ford and Mini are well provided for by the site, with over a thousand parts available between those models, they also cater to niche markets such as Humber, Riley and Wolseley. They also provide a range of spare parts for new cars and international manufacturers.

Finding parts can be done in several ways. The search bar at the top of the home page allows users to quickly and easily get down to the business of finding the appropriate manufacturer, car and part. Alternatively, the sidebar lists the parts by manufacturer. Upon clicking a name, users are presented with high quality imagery of the car models for which parts are stocked, making them easily identifiable, before being presented with different categories within the mechanics of the car. This leads to a final list of parts available, replete with images, product description, and price.

On top of this, featured items include new products recently acquired or refurbished, and deals of the week. Customer support is available 9am-10pm every day of the week, in keeping with MEV Spares’ priority on impeccable customer service.

A spokesperson outlined their position, “MEV Classic Car Spares is the biggest online retailer of classic car parts for three big reasons: first, the quality of the products we supply is second to none; second, the range and variety of cars we cater for is extensive and always increasing; third, our dedication to our customers is as passionate as their dedication to their classic cars. We’re car enthusiasts first and foremost, which is how we understand our customers’ needs better than the competition.”

About MEV Spares
MEV Spares is the largest online retailer of classic car parts in the UK. Distributing car parts worldwide for classic makes such as Triumph, Ford, Jaguar, Morris, MG and others. Every classic car enthusiast who finds it difficult to source spares will be interested in what MEV have to offer. For more information please visit: