Mexican Cuisine- the Conventional Healthy Mexican Food

Mexican cuisine is loved and relished by people across the globe, but the healthy nutritive and nourishing components in Mexican food was revealed recently by scientists and has generated a sigh of relief amongst fitness enthusiasts.


Bucharest, Romania -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/21/2013 -- Mexican cuisine is a favorite amongst many foodies worldwide, and especially Americans consume it frequently and also, on an everyday basis. Everyone is familiar with how delicious a Mexican meal can be, but how many are aware about its health nutrients and how easy it is on one’s wellbeing? Not many would know that Mexican food is actually quite healthy if consumed the conventional way. The American style of Mexican food is not so healthy and hence, the reason for obesity in many Americans who eat the Americanized version of this tasty cuisine. The traditional Mexican food is cooked and prepared with an abundance of fresh harvest, beans that are high on proteins, fiber packed tortillas, and wholesome spices that include garlic, cloves, chilies, cinnamon, and cumin.

For people who love to eat healthy, and give high regards to including nutritious food items in their meals, there is amazing news for all of them. The research carried out by taco scientists at the Universidad de las Americas Puebla has unquestioningly discovered that Mexican staples like tacos al pastor and cochinita pibil flautas are high on nutritional value. Other researches have also proved that most conventional Mexican dishes have low fat content and high nutrient value.

The research blended up the foodstuffs to easily analyze and to eat it effortlessly in the form of smoothies. Then they measured the water, grease, protein, carbohydrates, and ash content level as stemmed from the research. The results clearly showed that Tacos al pastor contained 42% water, 21% protein, 24% carbs, and 12% grease. The flautas were a little higher on carbs, with 43% water, 41% carbs, 12% grease, and a measly 4% protein. The statistics definitely reveal that Mexican food is much healthier than calorie-laden food items like doughnuts, french fries and on. Even the flautas that have higher carb content, it qualifies as an energy food.

Basically the research has proved that one can consume Mexican cuisine guilt-free. Apart from the research carried out by the scientists, there are various ways in which one can cut down on the calorie intake when eating a Mexican meal. Flour tortillas are extremely healthy, as long as they are not soaked in oil. One can stick to corn tortillas for further fat reduction. One can indulge on chicken fajitas, but make sure that it is light on cheese and other unhealthy toppings.

To conclude, with the help of the researches and studies carried out on the Mexican cuisine, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Mexican food is exceptionally delicious at the same time it is high on nutrients and other healthful components. It is best to try out authentic Mexican cuisine than eating from a fast food joint, or even better cook it the healthy way.