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Mexico City's Cubos Web Records Strong Growth, Starts Search for New Staff

With growing client list and reputation, leading digital marketing agency currently seeks to add an expert Community Manager to its roster, Cubos Web reports


Mexico City, Mexico -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/08/2016 -- Cubos Web, the country's leading digital marketing agency, or "Agencia de Marketing digital," reported strong recent growth and its ongoing search for a new AI Community Manager to add to its staff. With a full range of digital marketing services that deliver impressive returns on investment to clients throughout Mexico, Cubos Web has grown rapidly since its founding. This growth positions the company to take on additional staff to better serve its clients, with the present search for a full-time Community Manager leading off what is expected to be a number of additions.

"We're happy to report that word of the effectiveness of our services is really getting around," Cubos Web representative Mauricio Martinez said, "With so many organizations in Mexico seeking our assistance, we are ready to take on even more expert staff members to help serve these clients. Our search for a new Community Manager is progressing nicely, and we expect to have even more openings to report in the near future."

Digital marketing is widely considered a fundamental need for companies of all kinds and sizes today, and this holds true everywhere in the world. Many companies, of course, cannot realistically hope to maintain their own full-time digital marketing experts on staff, making it critical that they obtain effective help from independent agencies that specialize in delivering whatever they might need.

Cubos Web was established to provide world-class digital marketing services to companies throughout the vast country of Mexico. Founded by a team of highly experienced marketing experts whose skill-sets together encompass the whole range of modern digital marketing strategies and tactics, the Agencia Digital focuses intently on turning clients' investments into valuable visibility and business-enhancing results.

To that end, Cubos Web experts craft customized strategies that account for each client's unique needs, situation, and goals. Thereafter, they make use of top-quality services including search engine optimization, web design and development, Google Adwords and other pay-per-click advertising, and eCommerce and mobile app solutions. By employing the mix of tools best suited to each customer's market position and requirements, Cubos Web digital marketers consistently deliver results that repay investments many times over.

The company now seeks an experienced Community Manager to assist with carrying out its social media activities, as described under the "agencia de redes sociales" heading at the Cubos Web site. The ideal candidate will possess at least a year of experience at working with AAA accounts and demonstrated knowledge of a range of contemporary social media and digital marketing best practices. Cubos Web will continue accepting applications until the ideal candidate is found.

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With a full range of top-quality digital marketing, design, and development services that can be deployed in any combination that best suits a given client, Cubos Web takes a strategic, results-oriented approach, consistently delivering business-boosting assistance to customers throughout Mexico.