Mexico Growing More Popular in Common & Not-So-Common Surgery Options

Cross-border medical travel and tourism to Mexico has expanded exponentially in the past decade, providing individuals with greater options when it comes to medical and dental care. No longer are medical travelers limited to a few dental procedures, a cosmetic procedure or two, or even weight-loss procedures. Today, cross-border medical travel to Mexico has opened up arenas for numerous medical fields, specialties, and subspecialties.


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/29/2013 -- Access to High Quality Surgical Care in Mexico

Common surgeries performed in the United States are found in greater numbers just south of the border these days, in hospitals like Hospital de la Familia in Mexicali, Mexico.

Due to changing regulations in healthcare providers and services, insurance, and high costs of surgeries in the United States, more individuals are looking south of the border for options.

Mexico is no longer limited in scope regarding medical care to nose jobs, breast implants, and root canals. Today, travelers visiting locations like the Family Hospital in Mexicali are able to access kidney stone procedures, hernia surgery, tubal ligation procedures, hysterectomies, and even open heart surgery.

Health and wellness is serious business these days, and opportunities for greater access, affordability, and accessibility have increased in the past decade as hospitals, medical groups, doctors and surgeons around the world are joined by a common cause: providing optimal and high-quality health care to every individual.

The Family Hospital Medical Group provides certified specialists, doctors and surgeons with vast experience in their chosen fields. Advanced technologies, equipment, and technologies are available for comprehensive and thorough medical services.

For example, the Hospital de la Familia provides a number of specialists in the bariatric, plastic and cosmetic surgery, orthopedics, cardiac care, and radiology, to name a few.

Quality Matters

Providing quality healthcare, services at the facility cover most fields of medicine, surgery and diagnostics. Doctors and staff at the facility provide highly trained and experienced services in their fields.

Dr. Marco SariƱana specializes in diagnostic endoscopy, endoscopic bariatric surgery and laparoscopy weight loss surgery, while Dr. Jorge Maytorena is also trained and specializes in advanced laparoscopic surgery.

On staff are also doctors who specialize in general surgery as well as gastroenterology, and doctors who specialize in adult and pediatric cardiovascular medicine, as well as orthopedic and cosmetic surgeons.

Facilities south of the border such as Hospital de la Familia have worked hard to gain experience and enhance their reputation in certified and high-quality procedures from cardiac catheterization to cosmetic and reconstructive surgical procedures.

As healthcare provisions in the United States and around the world continue to change and costs for health care services continue to rise, patients do have options to high- quality, experienced, and reliable care south of the border.

Everyone deserves access to the best in medical providers, doctors, surgeons and procedures.

PlacidWay, with partnerships around the world, strives to provide individuals, regardless of origination or planned destination, the best in health and wellness services, techniques and procedures that enhance wellness and quality of life.

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