ACI Creates New Equity Platform for Commercial Real Estate Owners and Developers

ACI has created a new equity platform for commercial real estate owners and developers where no other similar platform exists in the market.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/09/2012 -- Over the past 5 years, ACI has created a platform that is a network of commercial real estate and private equity investors that will invest in commercial real estate owners properties and development projects.

Equity and Mezzanine Financing Funds

1. Equity / Joint Venture - Allows for higher leverage financing that is typically 90% of the required equity
2. Leveraged Equity - ACI Investors replaces existing equity in specific assets, and ACI Investors can potentially double that equity for your optional investment in new assets / development
3. Mezzanine Financing - Increases the capital stack to 85% with secondary debt financing
4. Preferred Equity - Utilized when secondary financing is not allowed, and is cheaper than pure equity

Investment Platform

Entity Specific - Where ACI investors invest in a single entity

Group Entity Specific - Where ACI forms a JV entity consisting of 5-10 commercial real estate owners where ACI brings in investors to the power of the group

General Program Highlights Below (For complete details, please contact us)

Property Types
Multifamily, Student Housing, Office, Retail, Healthcare, Hotels, Residential Developments, Industrial

Dollar Amounts
Typically $1,000,000 - $50,000,000 and larger investments are available

Property Stage
Existing and/or Construction

Typical to 85% of the capital stack

Optional: 90% of the required equity for any property

Fixed or floating. Generally 8% current pay rate. Overall returns will be in the 8% - 12% range and determined through a combination of current pay plus accrual, look-back IRR and/or origination/exit fees.

Floating rates based on LIBOR and may require rate cap to ensure minimum DSCR.

Other equity - to be negotiated on a deal by deal basis

Major Markets in the USA

Generally match the term of the first debt financing

Generally match the term of the first debt financing

Interest only available

Typically Non-recourse

Borrower is responsible for transaction and due diligence costs associated with the equity / financing

For more information please contact:

Terry Taylor at ACI
Phone: 902.405.4001