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MFRTech Looks at How Fasco Motors Experienced a Fifty Percent Savings on Inventory with Ultriva

MFRTech Looks at How Fasco Motors Experienced a Fifty Percent Savings on Inventory with Ultriva


Cupertino, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/15/2013 -- Recently MFRTech featured Ultriva provided solution for Fasco Motors, an Electrical Components Division of Regal Beloit Company. Fasco is a manufacturer of the world’s most complete line of custom fractional horsepower motors, blowers, and gear motors. Ultriva was successfully implemented to save time and produced cost-savings to the goods manufacturer.

According to MFRTech, “Fasco’s MRP system was unable to handle the production scheduling efficiently. This led to the several problems including excess inventory, stock-outs, as well as planners spending most of their time on emergencies. Additionally, problems with suppliers flooding parts based on MRP schedules and blanket purchase orders surfaced, shortages resulting in long customer lead times, and loss of machine time in plants. Overall, facilities across geographic borders lacked visibility into each other’s operations and inventory status.”

As a result of the successful implementation of Ultriva Fasco Motors experienced a 20% to 50% savings on inventory. This included not only savings on inventory carrying cost, but also associated overhead in storage, tracking, and obsolescence as well as an elimination of lost machine time due to unavailability of inventory. Fasco realized line side scheduling instead of forecast based ordering which saved several thousands of manual ERP transactions per year resulting in substantial bottom line savings. The goods manufacturer also experienced an improvement between supplier communication and delivery performance and gave Fasco better control over supplier shipments.

Ultriva’s solution helped Fasco Motors better customer retention and sales based on improved delivery cycles, real-time visibility of WIP, and plants gained the ability to control and manage the ‘Physical Flow of Goods’ between the facilities and with suppliers.

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