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M'GOO, Making Sense of the Human Mind Through Song, from North America, to Europe and Back Again


Montreal, QC -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/07/2017 -- M'GOO is revolutionizing the music industry by introducing a timeless motif back into it, it's music to make you think! With the release of their new single and mind jolting podcast, I didn't want to hear you say, "I'm leaving" M'GOO combines all of the powerful, and emotional range that traditional Jazz evokes in listeners and turns their single into an incredibly thought provoking tale, one reminiscent of times long ago when storytelling was still the main medium for entertainment!

These modern day bards manage to make you think and rethink on the question that they themselves are asking throughout the song, "do we ever really know the person that we love?" The song follows the protagonist, a man who was recently left by his lover on a day that for all intents and purposes, should have been a day like any other. The song, and its philosophical podcast, makes you wonder about the saying that "sometimes in life, love is just not enough." M'GOO's style and 'raison d'etre' is certainly showcased in the numerous forms of art they produce, from their poetry, psychological podcasts and visuals, music, and all of it attempts to help people reminisce about life and finding a true purpose and meaning behind their daily existences.

M'GOO's next 3 or 4 up-and-coming songs and podcasts will all focus around the same kind of thought provoking paths, and will be covering these themes:

"Chasing the Dream" is focused on millennials finding meaning and a true sense of purpose within their chosen careers. The podcast will ask the question "is this a real path, or is the grass really always greener on the other side?"

"Love is Blind." This theme is focused on the true story of two blind people who are in love. The accompanying podcast will bring in a specialist in attraction as they explore the idea that sight, rather than giving more information, actually keeps us from the truth about each other.

"Let's Fly to the Moon." A storyline inspired by Frank Ocean's coming out and discovering his sexual preference through falling in love with someone. The question asked in this podcast is, "do we find ourselves through love, or do we find love through knowing ourselves?"

About M'GOO
M'GOO is made up of Michael Meighu the singer, Matt Warnock on guitar, and Jeff Louch plays the piano. Their philosophical podcasts features their singer Michael Meighu who is also a social scientist, Clinical Psychologist Ava-Ann Allman, special guests, and finally, host Patricia Petit Lang. Be sure to follow along with M'GOO's themed songs and accompanying podcasts to get a complete picture into their philosophy and stories. Check out their first storyboard here. If you want the live experience of the bardic trio, be sure to watch out for them this summer, playing their way through Montreal, Toronto, and New York.

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