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MHT Lighting Acts the Leading Portal for Energy Efficient Induction Lighting in North America

MHT Lighting is striving to be the leading maker of energy efficient induction lighting solutions in North America with high quality manufacture, cost effective, fast and efficient service and warranty assurance


Staten Island, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/01/2013 -- The North American commercial enterprises looking for energy efficient lighting seem to have a credible assistance - MHT Lighting has declared to provide energy efficient and cost saving premium induction lighting solutions for industrial, governmental and commercial applications. The company is striving to be the leading manufacturer of products for induction lighting in North America.

MHT Lighting is the sole ISO 9000/01 certified USA manufacturing facility for the induction lights. As per the company spokesperson, each of the manufacturing procedures & quality system involved by the company is strictly followed by the employees here.

"Our mission is to be the leading maker of energy-efficient lighting solutions. We are committed to our customers, staffs, the community & environment. Every product manufactured here has been developed with premium components sourced from eminent manufacturers and we make sure to test, inspect & burn-in the products thoroughly to assure their long durability as promised. This is what differentiates us from the other regular induction lighting manufacturers", said the spokesperson of the company.

Their induction lighting products have been infused with value-added innovations, quality manufacturing, smart controls and fixture design to improve the capacity of the lighting solutions ensuring great energy efficiency. Competitive prices, fast service and individualized consultancy services are also assured.

"It's great to place that our induction lighting utilizes around 50 percent less wattage than conventional lighting to generate more effective and efficient visible light result and thus you are also assured of huge cost savings here. Our energy efficient induction lights have a life expectancy of more than 100,000 hours while the conventional lights last for maximum 15,000 hours", the spokesperson added.

Speaking about the induction lighting products from the company, the firm manager noted to help in indoor, outdoor and street/broadway applications. The different induction lighting products at offer from the firm include parking garage lights, gas station lights as well as lights for warehouse, schools, gyms, tunnels, parks, pools, highway, walkways, streets, historic areas and many more.

MHT Lighting has also come up with lamp or ballfast retrofits, controls and Energy Management System Solutions. There is a 10 years of limited warranty assurance on the induction lighting solutions manufactured from MHT Lighting.

Added to the services are their LED lighting solutions for hospitals, office buildings, corporate campuses, hospitality & restaurants, data centers, supermarket, school, universities, retail, gas stations, airports and auto dealerships.

"We have come up with a diverse range of high quality DLC approved LED lights including LED flat panels, LED tubes, all of which are backed by a solid 5 years of warranty assurance from us. We also have hybrid SP1000 energy efficiency solutions in 208 V and 480 V", said the firm manager from MHT Lighting.

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About MHT Lighting
MHT Lighting is the leading manufacturer of energy efficient Induction lighting. Our high quality products use components from leading companies that have a history of experience, reliability, quality and integrity.