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Miami Employment Lawyers Help Workers Obtain Flexible Work Arrangements


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/03/2015 -- As more employees choose to work from home, companies are implementing new policies. More and more employees are taking advantage of cloud systems and online capabilities by working remotely from home. This may cause interesting new clauses in employee contracts created by Miami employment lawyers.

According to Global Workplace Analytics, the work-at-home population grew 29.4% from 2005 to 2012 for both the self-employed and non-self employed. When you separate out the self-employed, employee telecommuting actually grew by 79.7%. Furthermore, based on the current labor force composition, 64 million U.S employees hold a job that is compatible at least part-time for remote working (50% of the workforce) and 79% of U.S. workers say they would like to work from home at least part time.

There are several reasons why employees are looking to work from home; long commutes and expensive daycare are just two common examples. Alex Funkhouser, CEO of a Florida staffing firm for technology and marketing talent, commented that seven out of every ten job candidates he encounters would make a move if he or she could work remotely at least two days a week. "They even would take a pay cut just so they wouldn't have to commute into an office," Funkhouser said.

With employees so eager to work off site, many companies are adjusting their policies to appeal to a broader pool of potential staff. However, this also brings up some new dilemmas. "The author of a new litigation trends report calls wage and hour lawsuits the No.1 headache for employers in 2015. The report warns that employers can expect to see more off-the-clock litigation brought by non-salaried (non-exempt) employees who seek pay for work while off duty, particularly work-related use of mobile electronic devices," reported Cindy Krischer Goodman of the Miami Herald. "Because of so many gray areas within the wage and hour laws, and an active plaintiff's bar, this area will continue to be a big source of litigation... employers will need to continuously review and update employee classifications to make sure that employees are properly compensated."

This nationwide trend is only expected to grow in the upcoming years. Fortunately, with the help of online business lawyers, those who need legal advice can find guidance with the help of innovators like UpCounsel. These cyber lawyers are able to connect with potential clients in a virtual marketplace compiled of thousands of attorneys located all over the United States (including lawyers in Miami). They are able to offer much more competitive costs for legal services since they are primarily based online and carry minimal overhead when compared to big law firms. This is an obvious advantage for both employees seeking out a contract to protect them as they work from home and for companies as they adopt new policies and procedures.

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