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Miami Mold Inspection Company MI&T Urges Returning Snowbirds to Have a Mold Test Performed


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/18/2012 -- Every year, hundreds of thousands of people travel from their homes in the north to enjoy the warmer climates and numerous entertainment options available in South Florida. And while most snowbirds look forward to long days of basking in the sun, what may be lurking in their uninhabited homes and condos may not be so enticing.

When a home’s HVAC unit is left off for an extended period of time, especially in warmer climates, there is an increased possibility for mold to grow. Caused by a combination of moisture and humidity, mold is not only unsightly and foul smelling, it can pose a threat to a person’s health.

Fortunately, if detected and dealt with immediately, mold can usually be safely eliminated. The key is to find the mold as soon as possible so it does not continue to grow.

To prevent elevated mold growth levels, Miami mold inspection and testing company, MI&T, is urging snowbirds to have a mold inspection in their homes either prior to arriving for the season or as soon as they get settled.

According to Adam from MI&T, “Mold typically emits a musty smell and may be visible to the naked eye as a strange growth. If you notice either of these things upon return to your residence, it is probably a smart choice to have a mold test performed. Additionally, if you see that your home has incurred any water damage in your absence, it is a good idea to have a mold inspection.”

The Miami mold inspection company uses air and surface samples to determine if there are elevated levels of mold present and assesses any negative impacts it may be having on the air quality. Additionally, the company studies the mold to determine the species and the source of the issue.

Once evaluated, the experts from MI&T can conclude if a mold removal company is needed or if homeowners can safely eliminate the problem themselves.

Adam cautions homeowners about restoration companies offering “Free Inspections.” He says many times these types of companies use this as a method to recommend costly mold removal jobs whether they are necessary or not.

Specializing in Miami mold testing and assessment, MI&T is one of the largest test only companies in existence. Because the company solely offers mold inspection Miami, homeowners can rest assured they are receiving accurate test results.

Adam says, “MI&T prides itself on offering unbiased mold assessments to homeowners and can do so without a conflict of interest.”

For more information, visit http://www.miami-mold-inspection.com

About MI&T
Offering nationwide mold inspection and testing, MI&T is the largest test only company around. The company specializes in unbiased mold inspections for people concerned mold growth is negatively impacting their indoor environment. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 855-600-6653.