Joe Bragg Helps Miami Residents Avoid DUI Convictions


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/22/2012 -- A single DUI conviction can leave a permanent scar on a driving record. One DUI can increase insurance rates for years into the future and lead to jail time, vehicle impoundment, and hefty fines. For all of these reasons, Miami residents cannot afford to be convicted of a DUI on a technicality.

That is why a group of Miami DUI lawyers want to help. By offering free DUI consultations to Miami residents, seeks to establish itself as an authority website on impaired driving laws in the city.

The team of attorneys at have over 100 years of collective experience in defending impaired driving charges in Florida. Instead of trusting unreliable blood alcohol testing equipment used by law enforcement officials, these attorneys make sure that all correct testing procedures have been followed while processing a DUI charge.

If law enforcement authorities do make a mistake while processing a DUI charge, the attorneys at will hire an expert witness to testify in defense of their client. This expert witness can illustrate minute imperfections in the breathalyzer test that could affect the accuracy of the blood alcohol level reading. If these imperfections affected the results of a sobriety test, charges may be weakened or even dropped altogether.

DUI law in Florida is complex, and wants to help Miami Dade County residents navigate through the field of rights and regulations. Their live online support helps citizens of Miami instantly connect with a nearby legal representative. With free DUI consultations available, wants to help those who have been charged with impaired driving get as much information as possible. has a number of different contact options available. There are phone numbers listed at the top of the page and a Free DUI Case Evaluation form along the right-hand side. Those who have been charged with a DUI – or anybody who needs more information about DUI charges in Miami – can fill out this form and receive a free consultation.

Contacting a DUI lawyer Miami can change lives. Whether Miami residents need an educational resource on DUI charges or they need to contact a DUI lawyer today, is helping Floridians connect with the resources they need.

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