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Miami's Philanthropy from the Heart Announces APP Launch

Helping Others Now Just The Click of an iPhone App Away


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/20/2014 -- Miami based social welfare organization Philanthropy from the Heart, Inc., has announced the launch of a philanthropic mobile app available on the iPhone, iPad, Android phones, Android tablets and Amazon Kindle and Fire phone that allows them to connect better with volunteers and donors helping the homeless in the city of Miami, Florida.

Philanthropy from the Heart (PTHeart) works to mentor each homeless individual in order to empower them to become productive members of society again. They are able to do this because they come from a place of knowing – knowing what hunger is, knowing what homeless is and knowing what hopelessness feels like. The PTHeart organization was developed to seek an end to poverty, homelessness, and helplessness while dedicating itself to faith restoration, love and restoring hope to those who have lost sight of it by helping them get back on the right path to live a happy and fulfilling life.

The PTHeart Mobile App allows interested volunteers and donors connect directly with PTHeart and organizations making a difference in the lives and circumstances of the homeless by showing them volunteer opportunities and presenting them with exactly how they can make an immediate difference in someone's life. All that's required is the ability to use a mobile app.? The app can be downloaded from the Apple app store for iOS devices or from Google play for Android devices.

PTHeart believes homelessness and hunger don’t have to be a reality for Miami citizens and they have set about to end the issue with a dream to live in a world where poverty and homelessness no longer exist. Using this app can help them to make this dream come true. Volunteers are needed to insure children receive proper nutrition and education.

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Philanthropy from the Heart, Inc
Jhasmidah Alexandre
President & CEO