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Michael A. Day Law Now Offers Legal Guidance for People Who Qualify for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy


Portland, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/03/2013 -- Michael A. Day Law now offers legal guidance for those who have qualified for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. To qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, people must qualify for three requirements. First, people must be honest throughout the entire legal process. Second, the person must not have filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy within 8 years. Lastly, the person must not make too much money. Because everybody’s financial situation is different, it is important to call Michael A. Day Law to confirm the proper legal proceedings. Chapter 7 is the most commonly filed bankruptcy case because those who file for this type of bankruptcy will be able to keep all of their property, while eliminating all of their debt. People in need of a bankruptcy attorney in Portland, Oregon, should contact Michael A. Day Law immediately.

After clients meet Michael A. Day for the first time, they know right away that they are in good hands. His law firm will take each new client through the entire legal process, step, by, step, making them feel like they are a valuable part of a winning team. From the initial meeting, to the conclusion of the bankruptcy case, clients will be met each day with a personal touch and unmatched service. If at any time during the legal proceedings a client has a question or concern, they will be answered immediately. No matter which phase of the legal proceedings the client enters, Michael A. Day Law will be there to guide them through and explain everything in detail. Do not waste another moment being confused about filing for bankruptcy, contact Michael A. Day Law today.

About Michael A. Day Bankruptcy Law
Michael A. Day Bankruptcy Law is an affordable Oregon Bankruptcy Attorney that has represented hundreds of individuals, couples, and businesses throughout Oregon for the past 10 years in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases. Michael A. Day Bankruptcy Law offers free consultations (in-person, on the internet via streaming audio and video, or over the phone), flexible payment options, and exemplary customer service. Over half of their business comes from referrals from satisfied Clients. Michael A. Day Bankruptcy Law uses the latest in computer and internet technology to help people make the bankruptcy process as easy, streamlined, and efficient as possible. Michael A. Day Bankruptcy Law represents Clients in every phase of the bankruptcy process.

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