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Michael A. Day Oregon Bankruptcy Attorney Announces Chapter 13 Legal Services for September


Portland, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/13/2013 -- Michael A. Day, an Oregon bankruptcy attorney, is pleased to announce Chapter 13 legal services for the month of September. Michael A. Day Bankruptcy Law is a full-service Chapter 13 law firm devoted to creative and effective restructuring of debts under the bankruptcy code. There are many rules, for Chapter 13, that need to be understood for a successful payment plan, as well as benefits that can be exploited.

Chapter 13 Oregon bankruptcy can offer individuals many benefits that will make a positive impact on their lives. Chapter 13 allows individuals the opportunity to discharge more debts, including taxes and traffic fines. Chapter 13 bankruptcy can also completely remove second mortgages from a home, reduce the balance and interest rate for car loans and stop foreclosure on a home. Chapter 13 bankruptcy also allows individuals the ability to repay arrearages on a mortgage at 0% interest.

Clients of Michael A. Day Bankruptcy Law can pay off the attorney’s fees through flexible payment plans. The law firm offers no legal fees for reviewing the situation before the case is filed. It will not cost anything to speak with the bankruptcy lawyer. If anything, it may cost an individual not to speak with the bankruptcy lawyer. If an individual decides to opt out of speaking to a knowledgeable bankruptcy attorney, it may be more harm than good, costing more money in the long run. Many individuals have found success through their bankruptcy case after speaking with Michael A. Day Bankruptcy Law. In one testimonial, Jane H. said: “Attorney Michael Day: Thank you very much for your representation. You have lifted a lot of weight off our shoulders. We will definitely recommend you. Thank you again.” More statements can be read by visiting the law firm’s website.

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Michael A. Day Bankruptcy Law is an Oregon Bankruptcy Attorney that has represented hundreds of individuals, couples, and businesses throughout Oregon for the past 10 years in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases. Michael A. Day Bankruptcy Law offers free consultations (in-person, on the internet via streaming audio and video, or over the phone), flexible payment options, and exemplary customer service. Over half of their business comes from referrals from satisfied Clients. Michael A. Day Bankruptcy Law uses the latest in computer and internet technology to help people make the bankruptcy process as easy, streamlined, and efficient as possible. Michael A. Day Bankruptcy Law represents Clients in every phase of the bankruptcy process.

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