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Michael Milas Launches MMilas Chicago SEO Marketing Service and Signs 3 Clients in First Week of Business

Michael Milas is a SEO veteran with six years of experience in online business marketing, and has launched to help businesses in Chicago receive more traffic from search engines.


Chicago, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/12/2014 -- Search Engine Optimization may be a relatively new industry, but it has quickly become the most important strategic tool businesses can use to increase their reach and drive new leads and sales. The difficulty comes in understanding the ever-evolving, fast-changing world of SEO and its difficult, alchemical balances. Michael Milas is an SEO Specialist who has made it his business to tame this fiercely competitive business on behalf of his clients, and he has just launched MMilas Marketing Inc to offer his services to private clients.

The launch has proved to be incredibly successful, and as testament to his SEO skills, his personal website has brought three new clients to his portfolio within a week of operation. This is because Mr. Milas has enacted his best practices to his own benefit, and demonstrated how quickly clients can be amassed using SEO skillfully and artfully.

MMilas Marketing’s site has full social media integration, including a YouTube video about Michael Milas, and includes a comprehensive Google + profile, belying Michael’s specialty in local SEO. With a majority of searches now being done on cell phones, Local SEO is more important than ever for any business with a local presence.

A spokesperson for Michael Milas explained, “Michael Milas is a successful business strategist specializing in the field of search engine optimization that has now gone out on his own to establish a personal brand in the field, and with three new clients signing up for his services within a week, he certainly must feel vindicated in the decision. Like his work for his clients, Michael used SEO to get leads to his website, then created an engaging and streamlined experience designed to drive people to make contact with his business, which allowed him to further connect with the clients and make sales. This simple but effective approach is the cornerstone of his strategy. Michael is a master at driving traffic from the search engines to his clients’ websites using white hat techniques that are built for long term results. He uses a unique blend of high authority techniques, social media, and conversion optimization to provide an excellent ROI for all of his clients.”

About Michael Milas
Michael Milas is an SEO expert and business marketing strategist with over 6 years of experience, specializing in local client search engine optimization. Michael was born and bred in Chicago, Illinois and continues to base his operations in the city. MMilas Marketing Inc. is now open for business and accepting clients interested in exponentially increasing their organic lead generation online.

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