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Michael Roberts Rexxfield Locates Murder Fugitive for U.S Marshals After 2-Month Manhunt


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/15/2015 -- Michael Roberts Rexxfield is a journalist and licensed private detective and a social justice activist specializing in Digital & Social Forensics. Michael worked in a joint task force team with US Marshals and Maryland State Police to locate a murder fugitive who, until that Rexxfield's involvement, had eluded law enforcement in connection with the murder of 26-year-old Luis R. Rodriguez on June 21, 2013.

It has been revealed that Michael Robert Rexxfield's assistance allowed the task force to pin point the exact location of the fugitive within 73 minutes. He was subsequently arrested in Indian and extradited. The website published a press release as soon as the apprehension was confirmed by the US Marshal service, it was reported: "Rexxfield has just received news from a joint task force of US Marshals and the Maryland State Police Force of confirmation of arrest of a murder suspect. They were looking for a fugitive from justice, Dinkue Brown, 27, who has been on the run, in connection with the murder of 26 year old Luis R. Rodriguez, since June 21, 2013."

According to the Rexxfield website, the team at Michael Roberts Rexxfield developed a pretext for a sting operation and then, after approval from law enforcement, conveyed a message to one of the suspect's family members. The message had one of Rexxfield's proprietary forensic tripwire payloads attached thereto. This allowed the team to collect numerous electronic footprints, including incidents triggered by the fugitive, from behind anonymous proxy servers in an attempt to disguise his location. The information collected by Rexxfield lead to the identification of disposable SIM card cell phone number in the possession of the fugitive, unfortunately the number did not reconnect to a cell-tower network, which rendered ergo triangulation impossible. However the US Marshals were able to obtain the unique device identifier [UDID] that was associated with the one-time-use SIM card, which lead to a new number identification he Marshals were then able to triangulate the fugitive who was in possession of that cell phone in Indiana.

About Michael Roberts Rexxfield
Michael is a journalist, a licensed private detective specializing in Digital & Social Forensics with and a social justice activist. Michael provides pro bono assistance to law enforcement for violent crimes and child endangerment offenses perpetrated through Internet technologies.

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