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Michael's Ivy: Bold Novel Uncovers Earth's New Dimension & Plant That Affords Perpetual Life. Vitality, Death & Salvation Collide…

Masterfully crafted by Keith Bingham, ‘Michael’s Ivy’ follows its protagonist after he has entered a new dimension and returns with a unique ‘healing’ plant. What started as a chance discovery turns into a global norm, as the plant has also consumed all of society. Fusing a dark outlook with a compelling examination of this new way of life, Bingham leaves readers with plenty to think about in the real world.


Cookeville, TN -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/14/2014 -- Millions ponder the possibility of what they would do if they could live forever. While this future luxury would likely be created in an underground laboratory, a powerful new novel by Keith Bingham introduces the world to a natural ‘healing’ plant that affords perpetual life. However, how does society react? Is living forever really all it is cracked up to be? And, how does finding the plant change the protagonist’s life?

Everything is exposed in ‘Michael’s Ivy’. Working on a cruise ship that allows passengers to travel to an island and enter a new dimension, Michael returns with 'Bloodleaf'. Upon eating it, each individual begins to die and is forced into further consumption to preserve their own life. Like a rampant drug, this culture consumes society and Michael begins in the center of it all.


A plant has been discovered which allows humanity to live forever. The author tailors a world which asks questions of life, death, soul and salvation. Michael's Ivy explores the philosophy of perpetual life and it's touch on a modern day society.

“The book is split into two distinct parts,” explains Bingham. “The first half covers Michael actually finding the plant and introducing it to people, while the second half is a holistic look at how it has radically changed society. The narrative is very true-to-life, witty but dark in some places. I worked diligently to depict the strong emotions that would engulf humanity if this story was actually true.”

Continuing, “In fact, I also leave enough out of the book to force readers into drawing their own conclusions. There’s simulated worlds, references to the power of a limited resource, a bit of aristocracy, and lots more to keep readers thinking afterwards.”

Bingham believes the book will make an excellent reading tool for educational groups and book clubs.

“The themes are very visible and make great debate/discussion topics. I’ve weaved in some fantastic thinking and technology in to spur on this debate; although at a very basic level so that readers from all walks of life and backgrounds can form opinions. Ultimately, people might find that the narrative isn’t that implausible…”

‘Michael’s Ivy’, published by Smashwords, is due for release June 3rd, 2014: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/434878.

About Keith Bingham
Keith Bingham lives in a small town in the United States. A gregarious, yet private individual, Keith is a voracious reader and enjoys being outside.