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Michael's Jewelers Now Offering Anniversary Jewelry This Spring 2013


Yardley, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/09/2013 -- Michael’s Jewelers offers custom jewelry in Langhorne, PA and is now proud to announce that they are now offering anniversary jewelry. The practice of giving a gift for an anniversary originated in Central Europe in the 1920’s. According to history, there are beliefs that when certain materials are combined with the specific number of years married, it will bring good luck.

The list of gems that are associated with a particular anniversary year exceeds the list of birthstones; therefore some of the gems are used for multiple anniversary years.

The following is a list of suggested jewelry by the Anniversary Year:

1 Year-Gold Jewelry, 2 Years-Garnet, 3 Years-Pearl, 4 Years-Topaz, 5 Years-Sapphire, 10 Years-Diamond Jewelry, 15 Years-Ruby, 20 Years-Emerald, 25 Years-Silver Jubilee, 30 Years-Pearl Jubilee, 35 Years-Emerald, 40 Years-Ruby, 45 Years- Sapphire, 50 Years-Golden Jubilee, 55 Years- Alexandrite, 60 Years- Diamond Jubilee, 70 Years- Sapphire Jubilee.

Wedding Anniversary gifts are meant to symbolize appreciation, time, love, investment and support that the couple gives each other over time. Gemstones not only have special meanings for wedding anniversaries and birthdays, but they all have a special meaning all on their own. For example, the Topaz gemstone stands for true love and success. The Topaz is also promotes creativity, self-confidence, and individuality. Each gemstone has their own special meaning and symbolizes something different. This is why people love wearing gemstones and value the meaning behind them.

Michael’s Jewelers can customize any piece of jewelry to accommodate the anniversary year. They can customize a new piece of anniversary jewelry or redesign something old and make it like new again. The possibilities are endless when looking for a perfect gift that will make that special day even more meaningful for years to come.

About Michael’s Jewelers
Family owned since 1976, Michael's Jewelers of Yardley and Fairless Hills has combined extensive knowledge with unsurpassed service to become Bucks County's leading independent jeweler. They are the source for unique fine jewelry for engagements, weddings, anniversaries or any occasion that calls for a memorable gift. They also offer in house jewelry and watch repair, custom jewelry design and appraisals done by their GIA staff.

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