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Michelle Scism, a Driving Force Behind Aspiring Women Entrepreneurs to Address at the Upcoming Dynamic Women's Conference in Chicago


Chicago, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/27/2015 -- A woman in a man's world' is a notion that is slowly changing with more and more women taking keen interest in shaping their business career. Today, women all across the globe hold key positions in large organizations, spearheading a new movement inspiring other women to meet their true potential.

While this movement is going strong, it needs further thrust and this is why the upcoming Dynamic Women's Conference to be held in Chicago on October 9th 2015 from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm is inviting women entrepreneurs and small business owners to take advantage of this opportunity to spark that inner fire.

The Dynamic Women's Conference is designed to bring forward opportunities that help women get motivated,create a vision for their business and in general, get inspired by the hundreds of women who have and continue to be role models in our society.

While there are similar conferences that are held every year, this conference is different and so because they've ditched the cookie cutter motivational rhetoric and created a full day of authentic business building, where women can connect, collaborate and create while learning real-world strategies and applications. The speakers and sessions are specifically designed to share knowledge on setting and achieving powerful goals in many areas of your life.

This program isn't about sitting around and listening to other women tell you how they achieved success. It's about working women moving their vision forward and finding real solutions to the challenges they face every day.

Michele Scism, one of the keynote speakers at this year's conference is a leading authority on business growth. She is also an international speaker, a radio show host, an author and the Founder of

As the curator of "Decisive Minds, Success strategies for women business owners", Michelle has several personal business lessons to share. As an entrepreneur who has experienced how it feels to hit rock bottom, her learning's are invaluable considering how she has risen from the dust and is today, one of the most successful women entrepreneurs of our times.

Michelle will bring with her a mix of tools and strategies that can be used to build a business legacy and also adopt a change in attitude that will spark quick decision making and develop leadership qualities in women.

"An entrepreneur doesn't just "survive". A REAL entrepreneur changes the world. They make a difference in people's lives and they build lasting institutions. They create a LEGACY. If you're serious about being successful, about living the life you envision, about changing the world for the better then it's TIME TO GET REAL ; Real about who you are, where you want to be and what you're willing to do to get there" Michele Scism.

Join Michele Scism and learn:
- The 1 true test to see if you are a business owner
- The 5 points of conversion for all businesses
- 3 Tips to increase your conversion and close more sales

About the Dynamic Womens' Conference
The Dynamic Women's Conference, taking place in the windy city Chicago, invites women from all backgrounds to participate in the conference to discover and learn the art of business explained using real world strategies.

The focus of the conference will remain to instill motivation in working women and educate them on how they can use this education to harness their skills. Also, the conference will present a wonderful opportunity for women to reap the fruits of networking with some of the best business pioneers.

To know more and to register for the conference, please click on Use the code, PRESSGUEST to save $40.

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