Michigan Divorce Lawyers: How to Hire the Right One

Divorce happens all across the country. When ending a marriage in Lansing or Detroit, it may become necessary to find a hard-hitting Michigan divorce attorney. The following will offer some tips to help choose the best legal representative so one’s best interests will be served when in front of the judge.


Delta, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/31/2012 -- There are situations in which hiring a lawyer is a very wise move. If there is a great deal of money, joint property, or other assets involved in a divorce action, it is one of those situations. There are an innumerable number of divorce lawyers throughout Michigan, so which one will do the best job to represent one’s interests? How does one choose a divorce attorney in Michigan? Well, when one is deciding which pediatrician to take one’s children to, one asks other parents, right? The same idea works when searching for a lawyer. Ask other people – family members, friends, acquaintances - who have gone through a divorce which attorney they chose to stand up for them. Also ask what about the solicitor resulted in their hiring him. Was he straight-forward and firm? Did she have a professional mien and really know her divorce law? These are good questions to ask, and the answers can help make choosing one’s own lawyer somewhat easier.

Other tips to help choose a Michigan divorce attorney include looking up several lawyers in the local or state bar association registers. These catalogs have records of wins and losses for all of the solicitors under their jurisdictions. Check online for divorce lawyers, too. Many reputable attorneys have half- or full-page advertisements in the Yellow Pages. Check through those and see if any of the names that came up in the word-of-mouth search appear in the ads. Perhaps this will narrow down the search somewhat. There are also some fine lawyers directories online that can help a person find the kind of attorney he needs in the state he lives in.

Once several names of lawyers have been gathered, it’s time to make appointments with at least three of them. In the initial meeting, ask relevant questions. Determine what the lawyer’s hourly rate is, who else (paralegals, law students) will be working on the case with the attorney and where the money will come from to pay them, and what fees other than filing fees will be involved in one’s case. Eventually, the list of possible lawyers for one’s case will be down to one good divorce attorney in Michigan, and one’s legal representation will be the absolute best available.

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