HirePin Launches Micro-Jobs Site for Game Developers


San Jose, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/08/2012 -- The micro-jobs fever finally reaches the game development industry. has launched an online marketplace for freelance game developers targeting artists and programmers alike. Overall, micro-jobbing refers to any job that typically takes from anywhere from one minute to fifteen minutes to complete. With offers like “create an explosion spritesheet for your game” for only $5, turns game creation skills into quick cash.

Many who work from home or telecommute are already doing micro-jobs today. Tasks, such as responding to emails, submitting business queries, writing articles or doing product reviews are great examples. The newest trend is online job sites that focus on specific skills. is pulling together freelance game artists and programmers who need short, small time assistance with their game projects. This is appealing to a wide variety of studios, ranging from the small cash-strapped Indies to the talent-hungry large studios.

Can you make a living from micro-jobbing? Some people already are, while others see these types of jobs as fillers, or as a way to break into the games industry. Programmers and Artists do especially well with micro-jobbing sites that let them showcase their skills with images and video; then determine how often they work and for how much.

Micro-jobbing is a growing trend that is here to stay. It may not be for everyone, but these jobs can give you a chance to use and add to your skill set with filler jobs when things are slow. Some often use micro-job sites to gain online experience, while trying to build up a work at home business.

Performing micro-jobs can also become fun and addictive. allows you to accept multiple jobs and you can find yourself working on several micro-jobs simultaneously.

About is a privately held micro-jobs marketplace for the game development industry and is based in San Jose, CA. For more information, visit the company’s Website at:

Contact: John Kanalakis
607 Lanfair Drive, San Jose, CA 95136