Micro-LED Market Report Explores Key Technology, Success Factors and Trend Analyzed by 2016 in-Depth

The micro-LED market explores the worldeide patents, including the number of US patents since 2000, as well as major inventors and their patents.


Pune, Maharashtra -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/09/2017 -- Micro-LED Market report explores Sony and several other vendors started to develop micro-LED display technology in 2000. Although Sony developed a prototype micro-LED display in 2012, it never entered mass production. Besides, Micro-LED Market display technology received little attention at that time as AMOLED, which had just entered mass production, took all spotlight. It was not until 2014, after Apple acquired micro-LED vendor Luxvue, that micro-LED displays sparked market interest again. This report analyzes the development of micro-LED displays from the perspective of patented technology, including major players, key inventors, and technological deployment.

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List of Topics
Overview of the micro-LED display technology, touching on its application in large-sized panels and advantages, such as low power consumption and higher added value
Analysis of micro-LED patents, including the number of US patents since 2000, as well as major inventors and their patents
Development of major micro-LED display vendors and their technologies, including Luxvue, Sony, and X-Celeprint

List of Companies
Thomas Innovation.

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Table of Contents Development of Micro-LED Technology
1. Introduction of Micro-LED Displays
2. Micro-LED Display Patents
3. Development of Major Micro-LED Display Vendors
4. Conclusion

Glossary of Terms

List of Companies
List of Tables
Table 1: Trial Micro-LED Displays
Table 2: Comparison of Micro-LED Display, LCD, and AMOLED Specifications
Table 3: Search Conditions of Micro-LED Display Patents
Table 4: Overview of Major Applicants for Micro-LED Display Technology

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List of Figures
Figure 1: Structure and Manufacturing Technology of Micro-LED Display
Figure 2: Number of Micro-LED Display Patent Applications
Figure 3: Major Patent Applicants for Micro-LED Display Technology
Figure 4: Number of Luxvue's Patent Applications by Year
Figure 5: Luxvue's Patent Models