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MicroPower Harnesses Valuable Energy from Wasted Heat


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/24/2013 -- MicroPower Global is a private company which is developing the next generation of thermoelectric devices for use in the areas of energy conservation, energy harvesting and refrigeration. The new MicroPower semiconductors (“chips”) can efficiently and cost-effectively convert heat, including waste heat, directly into electricity, leading to significant energy savings in a number of industrial and consumer applications.

They are currently running a Kickstarter campaign here:

A MicroPower chip builds on standard thermoelectric principles in a novel way to deliver breakthrough levels of efficiency. The original discovery was made in 2000 and good progress on developing the technology was made over a number of years before MicroPower acquired the IP in 2008 and the prospect of commercial products

became a reality, with recent work enabling significantly greater efficiency, a broader temperature range and a low cost manufacturing process.

The ability to harvest heat at temperatures ranging from 200°C to 600°C will make MicroPower chips the new thermoelectric standard for waste heat recovery. The current thermoelectric market is relatively small at approximately $300 million annually but MicroPower will be able to open up already identified new global markets worth many billions annually. Its cutting-edge technology has been patented internationally and independently verified.

MicroPower formed a working partnership with Texas State University in 2009 to develop prototype chips at the University’s Multifunctional Materials Laboratory building in San Marcos, and will now occupy space at the University’s recently-completed Science, Technology & Advanced Research (STAR) Park where an MBE production tool will be installed to serve the company’s early manufacturing needs.

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