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Microspace Communications Upgrading Satellite for US Customers

The SES-3 satellite offers increased signal strength for U.S. customers


Raleigh, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/18/2014 -- Microspace Communications, a Raleigh, NC based broadband solutions provider for enterprise applications, is excited to announce their transition to a new satellite, offering improved signal strength and reliability for their U.S. based customers. The transition will take place on August 24, 2014.

Since 1996 Microspace has relied on the SES World Skies Satellite AMC-1 to distribute video, data and audio to their customers across the United States. While AMC-1 continues to operate properly, it is approaching its end-of-life due to fuel requirements. Joe Amor, the Vice President and General Manager at Microspace described the transition as "...a great opportunity to offer a higher level of service to our customers than ever before."

The new satellite, called the SES-3, will operate with higher power than the AMC-1 and should provide stronger signals that are more reliable and less affected by weather. Since its launch in 2011 the SES-3 satellite has been moved into a Geosynchronous Orbit around the Earth at the orbital slot at 103 degrees West, a position that allows it to continually cover the entire United States. The new satellite has also been rigorously tested to ensure a smooth transition from the old satellite to the new satellite.

Microspace Communications notified their customers in 2013 of a 26 degree polarization difference between the two satellites. Microspace explains that customers who install new locations and/or perform maintenance at their downlink antenna locations, can minimize the impact of this polarization change by setting the LNB polarization 13 degrees away (counter-clockwise) from optimum. This LNB offset adjustment will prevent any adjustments from being made following the August 24th, 2014 transition date. Microspace has created a video about the polarization change which can be viewed at http://microspace.com/satellite-transition.

With properly adjusted polarization on customers' satellite receivers they will experience greater signal levels and enhanced cross polarization performance after the transition to the SES-3 satellite.

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Microspace is an innovative broadband solutions company, providing reliable, cost-effective and long-term multicast delivery platforms to Fortune 500 and small companies throughout the world since 1988. They are a pioneer in the industry, establishing and merging various concepts, including digital signage, digital cinema and multimedia entertainment. To learn more about Microspace and their broadcasting services, call them at 919-850-4500 or visit their website at http://www.microspace.com.