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Midland Odessa Truck Accident Law Firm Danziger and De Llano Work Hard to Help Accident Victims


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/19/2013 -- Truck accidents are enormous, traumatic and complicated – Midland Odessa Truck Accident Law Firm Danziger and De Llano knows how to legally protect truck accident victims.

Danziger and De Llano has recovered hundreds of millions of dollars for accident victims in Midland Texas. They understand first-hand the danger involved with truck accidents. On their website http://www.texastruckinjurylawyers.com/midland-truck-accident-lawyer/ they state, “Every single year there are approximately half a million accidents involving trucks on American highways. Of those, approximately one percent, or five thousand end up involving the death of either the driver of the truck, a pedestrian or cyclist or bystander who happened to get in the way, or a passenger or driver of a car or cars that came into contact with the truck. This is a devastating statistic.” According to the Texas Department of Transportation, pickup truck accidents caused 1,039 fatal crashes in 2011.

Tractor trailers, semis, Mack trucks and eighteen-wheelers travel the highways every day transporting goods and supplies around the country. They can weigh up to eighty thousand pounds, and if they get a special permit they can weigh even more. While their size alone makes the trucks a higher risk for creating trucking accidents, An article on the firm’s site http://www.texastruckinjurylawyers.com/odessa-truck-accident-lawyer/ points out that many of the accidents caused by trucks, especially 18-wheelers, are because of faulty equipment. Truck companies are required to meet strict maintenance guidelines on their trucks, but often truck companies bypass requirements in the name of profit. Danziger and De Llano make it their business to know all the requirements required for truck maintenance and driver responsibility.

Danziger and De Llano has been working for trucking accident victims for many years with success. They are familiar with the tricks and tactics used by large trucking companies’ attorneys. The law firm advises those involved in a truck accident to be wary of truck companies or insurance companies that ask for a victim to sign off on waivers indicating that the accident was their fault, or that their injuries were not critical or life-altering. Speak to an attorney first, they advise. The firm’s accident victim team starts their investigation at the accident site. As it notes on their site, www.texastruckinjurylawyers.com/big-spring-truck-accident-lawyer/ , the firm will immediately send out a team of experts in the field to examine every possible aspect of an accident to determine exactly what went wrong and who was at fault. The law firm will determine who is responsible and make certain that they are held accountable.

About Danziger and De Llano Texas Truck Injury Lawyers
Danzinger and De Llano LLP, Houston Truck Injury Lawyers have been fighting big trucking corporations for the past 20 years. They have successfully helped truck accident victims win hundreds of millions of dollars in personal injury cases. For more information, visit http://www.texastruckinjurylawyers.com/