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MIDsource Launches MIDsaver


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/29/2013 -- MIDsource is pleased to announce the launch of MIDsaver, a product designed to reduce chargebacks, strengthen branding and promote online sales. “Online businesses, especially those operating with a continuity model, spend a fortune to acquire customers and most are faced with the challenge of keeping their customer in their product, accepting future shipments, and avoiding chargebacks” says Greg Augustine, CEO of MIDsource. ( He goes on to say, “We designed MIDsaver for the benefit of E-commerce and continuity merchants. The MIDsaver platform on your custom app will allow your customers to communicate account changes directly through the app to your customer service department. This revolutionary flexibility coupled with the marketing power of your custom app will not only build sales but reduce the likelihood of costly chargebacks.”

MIDsaver provides the following functionality:

1. Advertise and Promote Your Business

2. Create Loyalty and Build Branding

3. Enhance Customer Interaction

4. Promote Cross Sale Opportunities and Allow for New Advertising Revenue Streams

5. Positively Enhance Public Perception

6. Perhaps the MOST important- Lower the Likelihood of Chargebacks

Businesses that have a trial offer, negative option, continuity, or even a membership model stand to benefit the most from MIDsaver because these merchants are constantly working the hardest with chargeback mitigation and load balancing to stay under Visa and Master Card chargeback thresholds.

Contact MIDsource today or learn more about MIDsaver online at

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