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Midwest Neurology Associates Now Taking Patients in Need of Pain Management Services


Dyer, IN -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/02/2018 -- Midwest Neurology Associates, one of the nation's top neurology and pain management facilities, is now scheduling appointments for individuals in need of pain management services. Whether it's a severe chronic and progressive headache or a pinched nerve in the back, Dr. Kassar and his team of board-certified physicians handle each patient's case with the utmost care and compassion.

Headaches and back pain, especially in the lower back, are very common sources of pain and usually do not require the intervention of a Highland, IN, neurologist. In fact, most situations involving small tension headaches or dull back aches can be treated with over the counter medication for pain relief in as little as a couple of hours. However, if the headaches or back pain don't seem to go away after taking plain Tylenol or Ibuprofen, it may be time to call the pain management experts at Midwest Neurology Associates.

The Crown Point, IN, neurologists at Midwest Neurology Associates utilize only the latest technologies when it comes to investigating, diagnosing, and treating severe headaches and back pain. They explore beyond the surface symptoms and delve deep into the underlying biological sources to see why the pain is occurring and how to fix it.

From the start of treatment all the way to the end, the medical professionals at Midwest Neurology Associates are there for their patients, cheering them on and inspiring them on their road to recovery.

To learn more about Midwest Neurology Associates and the pain management services they have available, please visit their website today https://mwneuro.com/.

About Dr. Kassar and Midwest Neurology Associates
Dr. Samer Kassar is the lead practitioner at Midwest Neurology Associates. Dr. Kassar works with his team to provide a wide variety of treatments for a wide variety of neurological ailments, disorders and injuries. Dr. Kassar's Dyer, Indiana, practice has all of the latest and greatest tools available through modern science to assist with any neurological problems.

For more information, please contact Dr. Kassar at 219-200-4676 or visit http://mwneuro.com.