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MIE Solutions MIE TRAK PRO ERP Software Proves Ideal for Fireball Fab & Metals

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Garden Grove, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/02/2011 --

Running a business is always hard, regardless of the domain of activity which characterizes the respective company. However, manufacturing businesses, especially those which work with metals in order to produce various products out of sheets of aluminum, steel or other fabrics are even harder to manage at optimum parameters, since there are countless information, data and statistics, huge requirements, distinct requests that must be addressed based on individual needs and other factors to take into consideration and balance at the end of the month. Therefore, making ends meet and running a successful, organized machine shop will be a challenging task if reliable, modern ERP software is not implemented. And when it comes to ERP software or inventory software, no provider is as esteemed and as competent as MIE Solutions. 

MIE Solutions is the proud developer and distributor of the most advanced job shop software, which has been to the liking of numerous clients, never letting one down and always raising up and beyond the expectations.

The innovative services provided by MIE Solutions have the aim of relieving any software requirements the manufacturing sector might have in regards to manufacturing software, inventory software, sheet metal software or job shop ERP software. MIE Solutions appreciates the energy each and every single client invests into taking interest in the vast and effective offerings made available by this company and because of this makes all the efforts possible to compensate the time invested in locating and employing its services with full satisfaction and all the help needed to achieve outstanding results. Fireball Fab & Metals is merely one of the numerous clients who have found the aforementioned goals to have been accomplished by MIE Solutions and who now takes great pride in being part of the large and welcoming MIE Solutions family.

Fireball Fab & Metals is one of the most reputable and dependable aluminum fabricated components and weldments manufacturer which, aside from the standard variety of products that includes hundreds of components coming in five standard colors, boasts its own line of powder coated aluminum deck railing systems. Buildings that have commercial purposes, for instance apartments, hotels and condos all across the country have been built with Fireball Fab & Metals products, which has meant an ardent need for powerful and competent manufacturing ERP software and job shop software that MIE Solutions had no problems in providing. In the more than 35 years of experience, Fireball Fab & Metals has grown to be accustomed to numerous offerings in terms of ERP software, but only the MIE Trak managed to satisfy the collection of desires and requirements of the client, among which the most important are the need to keep track of inventory as well as of complex assemblies, but also the possibility of being taught to make use of the shop software at its full capacity for maximum profits and performances. For all the reasons stated above and many others, Fireball Fab & Metals recognizes MIE Solution as being the most important aid in overcoming the difficulties and challenges of competing in such a demanding and complex field of activity.

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