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Garden Grove, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/02/2011 -- ERP software is the well-known acronym for Enterprise Resource Planning enterprise and, without any doubt, it has become perhaps the solely most important aid for maximized performance attained with minimum costs. The MIE Trak ERP software which performs the tasks of an inventory software, machine shop software and manufacturing software is also the most prominent and sought after offering of MIE Solutions, the company which through its continuous dedicated efforts has managed to revolutionize the processing process for all the data gathered from multiple departments of the same company, which in the past has been an extremely challenging task due to the need for centralization and accuracy.

The most conclusive proof that MIE Solutions has managed to create the shop ERP software with the widest usability and which can provide the performances it has been designed and marketed for is the wonderful relationship that MIE Solutions has with all its clients from the past and the present. In regards to this matter, customer testimonials are the means through which they can express their gratitude and share their experience of streamlining their own work with help of the MIE Trak shop software made available by MIE Solutions. One of the most prominent clients that have felt the need to give back to the company which has met all their requirements for 100% satisfaction is Metalworks Engineering, a business that required precision sheet metal software in order to become able to provide top quality products to the computer, aircraft, military, surveillance and other industries through its job shop. Metalworks Engineering uses stainless steel, aluminum and galvanized steel to produce a wide range of products which includes pool fences, bench tops, pylon signs, gates, trailers, stairs, toolboxes, dog boxes, balustrades, handrails, automatic and manual gates and others. Evidently, for such a broad spectrum of offerings, the production process consists of several stages such as consultation and free quotation, measurement, analysis, final designing, fabrication, dispatch and installation. Numerous employees from many departments are involved in the aforementioned steps and because of this Metalworks Engineering found it hard to manage the requirements, profits, expenses and other data that each of the respective specialized united provided. However, it was soon to be discovered that the MIE Trak Software was powerful, reliable and intuitive enough to take care of all the issues arisen in the Metalworks Engineering administration and resource planning areas.

Anyone who will read the customer review will find out that due to the express desire that Metalworks Engineering had for excellence, the best job shop ERP needed to be found. For that matter, Metalworks Engineering proceeded to compare the MIE Solutions job shop ERP with similar products on the market: Joboss, Profitkey and Shop Tech. It did not take very long for Metalworks Engineering to learn that MIE Solutions and the machine shop software provided easily detached themselves from the competition thanks to the very descriptive online demonstration which only briefly presented the vital contribution the shop software could bring to any business, the user friendly nature of the product and, of course, the incredibly effective and focused customer service. Metalworks Engineering confesses that the latter characteristic was certainly demonstrated by the facts that no call was ever left unreturned by MIE Solutions and that the ERP software provider always takes care of scheduling the time and date for appointments regarding online presentations or meetings, bearing in mind the requirements and possibilities of the client. Additional proof of the lengths that MIE Solutions will go to respond as accurately as possible to the needs of all prospects and clients alike is the online chat feature. An online agent will always be available to address any inquiry or difficulty you might come across when learning more or when using the ERP software.

Certainly, the extensive experience of MIE Solutions together with the high training of each and every single one of the experts who are assiduously working for their clients’ satisfaction will be the necessary resources to streamline the work of your own business and generate performances that now might seem unthinkable.

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