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Might & Fealty Crowdfunding Project Launched

Smart Crowdfunding is slated to carry out strategic marketing initiatives for Might & Fealty, the turn-based multi-player online game poised to make history one virtual day at a time.


Hamburg, Germany -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/07/2013 -- Tom Vogt, Creator of the multi-player online game “Might & Fealty” has launched a crowdfunding project on Indiegogo with a goal of just over $54,000 USD. Currently under independent development the game is set in a low-fantasy medieval world and offers tense battles, the building of great cities, and political intrigue and betrayal that decides the fate of its virtual nations. “The game is equal parts strategy, roleplaying and sandbox.” said Tom. “It’s a rather intense approach because the world of play is completely shaped by the player’s choices. We’ve designed it so the history of the game is very intentionally in their hands.”

As the Might & Fealty game begins the players take the role of one or more nobles all of whom are active in one persistent sandbox world similar to that the Middle Ages. Players march, form armies, conquer villages and build them into towns or cities. They swear fealty to and fight alongside a large number of other players and have the possibility to even create kingdoms of their own. A game of infinite choices Might & Fealty empowers its players to play as they see fit and live with the consequences. “Much like in life, choosing to be a hero to some may make you a villain to others.” added Tom.

The highly evolved game touches on economy, evolving history, military techniques and politics. With the use of sophisticated maps replete with terrain types strategic capabilities are increased. Might & Fealty’s creator boasts its educational value as it promotes the understanding of diplomacy and politics in a setting where real ambitions and proper constraints force even the most powerful opponent’s hand. Engaging via its multi-lingual turn-based gameplay the game is poised to engage gamers worldwide.

Funding will support continued development for graphics and user interface design, software licenses and marketing. “A game of this size and complexity is not complete in a few months. I plan to keep adding features and improving gameplay after the launch and for years to come.” said Tom.

Tom Vogt, is an Information Technology professional and the owner and CEO of an IT company in Hamburg, Germany. He is the creator of “Might & Fealty” as well as the successful online game “BattleMaster”. He has been a hobby game designer for most of his life.

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