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Migrating Drupal to WordPress Automatedly: Content, Modules, SEO Data, Custom Fields Included

CMS2CMS, one-of-its kind automated CMS and forum migration service, announces its refined and improved full-cycle Drupal to WordPress migration support. Now, it is available to convert all the website content from Drupal to WordPress including website content, modules, SEO data, and most-awaited - custom fields.


Ternopil, Ukraine -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/23/2013 -- CMS2CMS (an automated CMS and forum migration web service) pledges to the public its newly-modified and enhanced Drupal to WordPress migration update.

Right now, it is available to perform an accomplished website data conversion, comprising the transfer of website content, default modules, media files. etc. And the major improvement of automated Drupal to WordPress migration - conversion of custom fields, custom post types and 301 permanent redirects in addition.

CMS2CMS Migrates the Following Contextual Site Data:
- Pages - all the static pages, for instance, About us, Privacy Policy, Home,
- Posts - articles, title, text body - all the categorised content.
- Categories - during the migration the relations and hierarchy of categories and sections will be preserved.

- Tags - the ones that are corresponded to certain posts.
- Comments - comments content, author username and email, publishing date.
- Users - user data including first name, last name, email, login.

Automated Conversion of Drupal Custom Fields

Taking into all the customers requests and feedbacks, CMS2CMS has added a most-wanted feature for even more diligent Drupal to WordPress migration - the transfer of custom fields. From now on, it’s possible to migrate the following types of Drupal custom fields:
- File
- Image
- Long Text
- Long Text with Summary
- Text
- Term of Reference

All these items are converted to WordPress posts absolutely automatedly.

Media Files Migration Includes:
- Content Images - all the content images that are related to website posts.
- Attachments - media that are attached to the posts, like PDF files, videos, MP3 files.

Drupal to WordPress Modules Conversion

CMS2CMS supports the migration of modules data from Drupal 5.x - 6.x to WordPress:
- Path
- Image
- Attachments

SEO Data Migration

Also, CMS2CMS includes the migration of SEO data. This options allow to keep the current website traffic and ranking, making Drupal to Wordpress migration flawless and invisible. It will be converted the following SEO website items:
- SEO URLs - The internal links of the Drupal website will be migrated accordingly to the rules of WordPress links format.

- Internal Links - All the internal links in the text body and categories will be preserved on the new WordPress site.

- Automated 301 URLs Redirect - it is the permanent URLs redirect from Drupal site to WordPress that saves ranking and visitors. The rules are generated for the particular migration and provided after it’s finished.

Furthermore, in order to make the migration from Drupal to WordPress even more straightforward, CMS2CMS presents a plugin that is available at WordPress repository:

So, in increasing frequency, CMS2CMS is erasing all the migration hassles and efforts, allowing its users to migrate their website data accurately and with no data losses at all. Learn more about automated migration from Drupal to WordPress here:

CMS2CMS is the automated migration tool that allows its users to migrate their website content from one CMS platform to another as well as supports migration of data between forum platforms. The main goal of this online service is make the migration process fast and flawless for any user, whether they are the experts or non technically savvy.

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