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Migration Insurance - Be Sure in Migration Result

Cart2Cart presents a new service of Migration Insurance to guarantee more accurate and troubleless migration from one platform to another. Now e-merchants are able to restart their move when it is necessary.


Ternopil, Ukraine -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/03/2014 -- An automated shopping cart migration service Cart2Cart provides more guarantees for accurate data transfer. Lately it has announced about new option of Migration Insurance with more advantages for those e-merchants who want to change their shopping cart safely.

Migration Insurance as the Second Chance

Recently Cart2Cart launched a new option of Migration Insurance. What a great news for webstore owners who want to switch their e-Commerce platform facing no risk. Everyone worries at the back of their mind about avoiding unpredictable results and circumstances that can happen after migration. But how can Cart2Cart help its customers to dispel their doubts? If there is any need or reason, the service provides a possibility to restart the procedure all over again. So, what are the main why’s of Migration Insurance usage?

1. Incorrect platform installation. If target or source stores were not installed in right way, the possibility of facing the problems like accuracy of migration is really high.

2. Data modification or corruption while customization performance. After migration is completed, e-merchants start to adjust their new stores and change the data in the way they need. That can surely have an influence on further results of the work. So, when the information has been modified and online businessman wants to correct some mistakes that appeared after data modification, migration can be restarted easily.

3. Distortion by third party module. Not a novelty that there are extensions which appear to be not compatable with some stores. Therefore, their installation can lead to bugs and data corruption which can be a headache for any e-merchant. Then there is a remedy which will help to be of free of it and perform migration again.

What advantages does it offer?

1. No worries. Different unforeseen situations and results that can appear during or after the move. In case when something is wrong, only one click is needed to restart the migration.

2. Affordable cost. The price of this option is on the side of customers as it starts from 7.5% of total transfer cost.

3. Independence. Cart2Cart saves their clients’ time and minimizes efforts even not making them to contact with the team. They may restart the migration by themselves without troubles and stress.

What’s the Figure?

As it was already said the price is reasonable and e-merchants can surely afford it to get a guarantee of successful remigration. It is not the same for any number of restarts or other circumstances as depends on the quantity of remigrations and insurance period. There are three types of Migration Insurance that need to be distinguished:

Basic. It costs 7.5% of the whole migration price and includes a possibility to have one remigration. Moreover, insurance period is 7 days since the day of first migration.

Extended. This type offers 9.5% of total transfer price and plus 2 migrations possible. It is active for 2 weeks (14 days).

Premium. This Migration Insurance type provides 30 days of guarantee and 3 more migrations. The cost is 11.5% of the first migration price.

About Cart2Cart
Cart2Cart is an automated migration service which gives an opportunity to move all the data (products, customers, orders, etc.) from one e-Commerce solution to another. No technical skills and no additional resources are needed to perform it. The peculiarity of the service is that the procedure includes a few steps and source store is going to be active during the whole process. More than 11 000 successful migrations have been already done since Cart2Cart launch in 2009.

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