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Migration Preview - Preconceive the Future Store


Ternopil, Ukraine -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/07/2014 -- Cart2Cart, automated shopping cart migration service recently has announced about a new option - Migration Preview for those e-merchants who are not sure if they have chosen a proper shopping cart to migrate to. It gives an opportunity to see how store will look on a new Target cart even without having it installed.

Migration Preview as a Bright Look on Future Store

It’s obvious that before migration every store owner worries about future store, especially about its outward. All because when customer visits a page, the first striking thing is how the shop looks like. Consequently store success greatly depends on how it looks. Distinguishing major priorities and understanding an importance of shopping cart decision, Cart2Cart Team has developed a new service - MigrationPreview. Currently service is available for such shopping carts:





Now e-merchants don’t have to doubt in type of shopping cart they want to migrate to. So, those who still hesitate in the correctness of shopping cart choice, can perform Migration Preview in order to see the future shop. Merchants will be able to transfer products, customers, orders and other information from their already existing store to Cart2Cart test store and see how it will look on another platform. Moreover, migration can be performed even without having a Target Store installed. If the result approved store owner’s expectations, he will be able to remigrate the data from the test store to the live one for free.

What are the Advantages of the New Option?

So what are the principals of Migration preview? Let’s have a closer look.

- It’s free! The service itself is costless, e-merchants pay only for data migration. It’s easy to figure out the price with the help of Migration Estimator.

- Peace of cake work! The only thing for client to do is to choose migration to Cart2Cart test store at Migration Wizard while configuring data transfer. Then the target shopping cart will be installed automatically and store owner will be able to start migration.

- Migrate to store with a responsive template already pre-installed. The template is available only in preview and the deployment of it is paid.

- After performing Demo migration the test store will be available for 3 days! So the e-merchant can check the result and proceed with the Full migration. Pay attention, within 7 days after Full Migration all the data will be deleted from the test store.

About Cart2Cart
Cart2Cart service is widely known for its possibilities in shopping cart migration process. It offers reasonable prices, different migration possibilities and makes data migration accurate and quick. The reputation proofed by time and thousands of thankful e-merchants all over the world, make it the leader of its field.

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