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Santa Monica, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/09/2014 -- Imagine standing in the middle of a traffic junction out in the open, in the centre of Los Angeles on a hot, dusty morning. Now imagine breathing in deeply. This might seem foolish to imagine, but thanks to an unclean air duct system, the air in your home could be as polluted as the scenario described above, with a higher number of disease causing bacteria and viruses. Mike Ductworks Los Angeles, can change this nightmare scenario into a dream come true.

According to the EPA, filthy or unclean air ducts are one of the top five environmental risks to one’s health. Foul odor, dust that settles on surfaces way too soon after cleaning the air ducts, respiratory problems or aggravated asthma are all sure shot signs that the air ducts require professional cleaning.

A thorough cleaning of the air ducts necessitates high end equipment and expertise. Mike Duct Works provides premier Air Duct cleaning in Los Angeles that cater to this need. Next comes the blast of compressed air at 180 pounds per square inch to flush out each vent. Once all the accessible parts of the duct system are thoroughly cleaned, the equipment is removed and the vents are uncovered.

It is only through such a rigorous process of cleaning that one can ensure safe air at home. Furthermore, for Attic Cleaning Los Angeles, Mike Ductworks is the ideal choice.

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Mike Ductworks provides professional cleaning services for air ducts and attics. They have over a decade of experience in the field. 16 years in business.

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