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Mike Turner Law Launches Awareness of Their Approach to Personal Injury Law

The Denver law offices of Mike Turner and Scott Henderson have launched a campaign to raise awareness of their personal approach to personal injury clients with two lawyers appointed to each client.


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/01/2014 -- Many personal injury claims lawyers tend to take every case offered to them and process them in batches, using teams of legal assistants to push through faceless paperwork. This approach while good for the lawyers does not get the maximum compensation for the clients because the law firm does not take time to fully understand the particulars of each case. Renowned Personal injury Attorney in Denver Mike Turner Law does things differently, and its two lawyers handle every case personally, developing a relationship with each client to provide the best service possible. They have recently launched a campaign to highlight the benefits of using a law firm that takes a personal approach to processing personal injury claims.

At Mike Turner Law the two lawyers handle their own cases, and will return phone calls personally as well as explain the chances of success, the process for the claim and the strategy for obtaining the maximum possible settlement for each individual case. They take the time to explain complex legal issues carefully and clearly so that everyone is on the same page when proceeding.

Anyone looking for a Personal injury lawyer in Denver can claim a free evaluation of their case from the website or over the phone, whether their case is a vehicular accident or medical malpractice.

A spokesperson for Mike Turner Law explained, “If you, a loved one or a friend has sustained an injury or been hurt in an accident, who will fight for your rights when you’ve been harmed by negligent or intentional behavior?" You need knowledgeable, experienced attorneys you can trust to represent you. Lawyers who will properly analyze the strength of your claim and succeed in obtaining the compensation you deserve. Mike Turner Law does just that. Lawyers Turner and Henderson handle all cases personally, will return phone calls themselves, and take clients through the details of the case personally to ensure everyone is satisfied when proceeding. Our new campaign aims to raise awareness of the effectiveness of using a personal injury attorney who takes a personal approach to your claim.”

About Mike Turner Law
Scott Henderson, Esq., and Mike Turner, Esq., has devoted their practices to handling personal injury claims for their entire professional legal careers. They have successfully prosecuted many types of cases including: car accidents, uninsured motorist claims, motorcycle accidents, pedestrian injuries, medical malpractice cases, wrongful death claims, bad faith insurance disputes, and premises liability claims, and more. They personally handle all cases, and ensure clients understand every facet of the claim. For more information please visit: http://miketurnerlaw.com/