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MikeeC Software Introduces Business Intelligence Program That Caters to Every Business


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/27/2014 -- MikeeC Software is asking marketing companies to imagine what they need from an affordable business intelligence tool that caters to more than just the biggest enterprises on the block. They think they have the solution and are ready to introduce their concept for the first affordable business intelligence tool that is meant for “the rest of us.”

Online marketing professionals have campaigns running on social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and, Pay-per-click. But where are they getting analytics data for each of them and how do they correlate all the data effectively? Where would they store such vast amounts of data for historical comparisons with new data? Excel might solve the problem, but they will need to write very complicated macros to line up all the data; and Excel can only store so many rows of data. This is where business intelligence tools which come with a backend database and pivot cubes that resemble Excel come in, but at a much larger scale. Unfortunately, such tools are in so high demand right now that only big enterprises can afford them. The big players such as SAP, Oracle and IBM cost a few million dollars to roll out. The mid players such as Tableau, Yellowfin, Microfocus, etc are more affordable, but still command a high price.

MikeeC Software aims to create a business intelligence tool that brings the same benefits as the larger players, at a much lower cost. Their BI tool will be affordable enough even for personal use, at a mere $120 per user per year, or $350 per user to own it outright. The system they are planning on building will have a whopping 30 terabyte database (single-file, zero-admin and self-repairing), professional quality pivot cubes and report generator. Plus, the fact that it is easy to use promises it will be ready to use right after running the installer - no need to hire a consultant to set it up for your business.

“Large enterprises are investing heavily on business intelligence solutions because it lets them analyse trends, and therefore make better decisions such as which products to create, to focus on, which ones to increase or decrease stock, improve marketing campaign, etc. Large enterprises are paying a huge premium for this capability because it increases their profit. Service providers know this very well and so the prices for such services are sky-high which makes it inaccessible to smaller firms,” MikeeC Software states on their Indiegogo page.

MikeeC is offering opportunities to invest 25 dollars to 1K dollars in their BI program. Investments come with a variety of free subscriptions for use of the program. For example a 100 dollar donation allows free subscription for one year for up to two users along with technical support.

About MikeeC Software
MikeeC Software is a startup company based in Sydney, Australia that creates productivity tools for personal, technical and business use. Their highly specialised team is housed in different parts of the globe, such as Belarus, Poland, Indonesia, Philippines, India, Canada, USA, etc. They specialise in software design and development of desktop applications. For more information visit, http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/high-capacity-low-cost-business-intelligence-dashboards