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Mike's Lock Shop Offers the Best in Gun Safes


Warminster, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/25/2017 -- Mike's Lock Shop, a leader in offering premier locking systems and supplying knowledgeable commercial locksmith services in Philadelphia, is now offering top-of-the-line gun safes to help residents keep their firearms secure and their homes safer than ever.

As one of the top providers of gun safes in the area, Mike's Lock Shop knows the importance of keeping your firearms away from children, pets and others who are not properly trained to handle these kinds of weapons. In the United States last year, over 500 accidental deaths resulted from an inexperienced person getting their hands on a firearm. Many of these deaths could have been prevented if the firearms were safely locked away in the recommended style of casing.

Unfortunately, one of the most common victims when it comes to accidental shootings are young child, particularly toddlers. In 2015, an estimated 265 children between the ages of one and three injured themselves or a member of their family with a firearm that they had happened upon accidentally when the weapon was not locked in a case. This year, toddlers have shot someone an average of once a week.

Now, Mike's Lock Shops' residential and commercial locksmiths in Philadelphia are speaking up and helping property owners protect themselves and their homes with gun safes.

Anyone who chooses to keep firearms in their home is urged to research gun safes and make sure that they have a secured one in their home at all times. Anyone in need of a new or updated gun safe is encouraged to call Mike's Lock Shop at 215-495-0133 or to visit their website at http://accesslocktech.com/ for more information.

About Mike's Lock Shop
Mike's Lock Shop is a locksmith company in Warminster, PA, that has been delivering tailored security solutions for over 45 years. The business was founded by Mike Cogan, who expanded the company from just one mobile truck to two separate corporations that offer the latest security products and locksmith services for various industries such as commercial, government, healthcare, institutional and automotive. They specialize in conducting in-house repairs, installing security locking systems and retailing a wide variety of quality high security products.

For more information about this company, please visit http://accesslocktech.com.