Miles Ahead Music

Miles Ahead Music Is Opening a New Location in Richmond

It Will Offer Everything From New And Used Instrument Sales To Repairs


Louisville, KY -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/08/2013 -- Miles Ahead Music, which has long served musicians of all types and skill levels in the Louisville area, is opening a new location in Richmond, Kentucky. Like their Louisville music store, it will offer a range of both new and used instruments, including strings, brass, and woodwind options. They will also have technicians on site to perform services ranging from cleaning to restoration.

The company is dedicated to serving musicians at all levels, from a beginner who is picking up an instrument for the first time to a professional who depends on it for his livelihood. They offer both new and used options, with a range of choices that surpasses any other Lexington music store. They even operate a rental program for area schools, making it easy for kids to start learning an instrument without requiring their families to make the commitment of purchasing one.

The technicians at Miles Ahead inspect each piece in their shop before it leaves the store. Their goal is to ensure that everything they sell, whether used or new, plays at least as well as any brand new instrument on the shelves of any other music store. They believe that all musicians, even beginners, deserve to have something that will work perfectly and will make the most of the time and effort they put into practicing. According to Miles Davis, “All of us here at Miles Ahead began as school-age musicians and still are performing musicians today. We know first-hand how music has shaped our lives. That’s why we’re so committed to helping other people pursue it.”

The technicians in the shop can offer a wide range of repair and restoration services, with maintenance designed around the requirements of specific instruments. Services typically include ultrasonic cleaning for all metal parts, as well as a play test to ensure that the sound is good and all mechanisms are functioning properly. Even pieces that have received heavy use can be returned to playing like new, with services like cork replacement and spring adjustments. The store also offers emergency repair services. People interested in these should call for an appointment, where a technician will examine the damage and offer an estimate for the cost of the repair.

Miles Ahead Music is dedicated to serving music lovers of all levels and ages. They keep a variety of new and used instruments in stock, including items suitable for anything from professional musical instrument sales to rental programs for students. Their services include everything from basic restoration to emergency repair. Though the people on their staff have worked on servicing instruments for serious musicians and professionals, such as those at Kentucky universities and the Louisville Orchestra, they believe that music can be a valuable pursuit for anyone.